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That's what I understood from the discussions this morning. They also said since this is the first time the rule is used it will most likely be dubbed "Tigers rule".
This is the first time they will use the rule.
He actually said 8.5*
The problem is it has nothing to do with intent. After his remarks in the post round interview it was a clear misinterpretation of the rules. He needs to do the right thing and DQ himself. If not and he does win it will always be questioned.
Try an 8 iron and chip like you normally would.
Our 18th hole is a short 330 yard par 4. I usually hit 3wood up for a nice shot in. Yesterday I was hitting my driver well so went for it. Perfect shot down the fairway and hit the tree in the center sending my ball directly left OB. Hitting 3 from the tee I again played the driver. This shot did the exact same thing going left OB. Hit my fifth shot from the tee with my driver I went over the stupid tree and rolled out to about 60-70 yards. Wedge to 4' and made my 7. On a...
I have to give a shout out here to the folks at Edel Golf. I'm a lefty and am getting fit for a putter next week. When asking about the wedges I was told they don't have the ability to make them just yet. Neil at Edel offered for me to bring my current wedges to the fitting and they will grind/reshaft/weight and make them fit just as good as their wedges. This shows me that this company is absolutely about the customer. They have a repeat customer out of this guy and I...
Trust your line. On the practice green try to push the putts and miss right to get the feel of not pulling thru the putt.
We have our annual flag tournament. Everyone gets an American flag with their name on the stick. You play your round and plant your flag on the shot your handicap runs out. Last year I made the 18 and planted my flag in the fairway on the 2nd hole. You start over if you play under your cap. It's a blast every year. We also have a club celebration with fireworks BBQ and games for the kiddos. It's a fun day.
Ordered. Looking forward to the videos.
New Posts  All Forums: