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I have not seen the episode yet but read online that one offer was made and the girls turned it down. My wife was reading up on them last night and it looks like these girls are not just for looks. They actually have to know the rules and how to properly caddy. The owner puts them all through classes. I still think it's a joke for the price.
http://www.thecaddygirls.com/page.asp?page_id=home Here is a link to the website.
It appears to be a success so far. 149 girls in several states. The question is would you pay $150 for a caddy? I might think about it for a bachelor party or something but not on a regular basis.
I have a 14 way divider bag and always will. Each club has a specific place as do my tees, balls, and markers. I have organized my bag the same way for 8 years and will only buy a new bag if it fits my requirements. My golf cart also has a specific order and place for everything. 
I love going to these every now and then. It is nice to just take the irons and work on good contact. Usually have smaller greens so accuracy is a must.
I focus on the grass just in front and outside of the ball. It helps me mentally attack from the inside out and contact the ball first.
I meant to quote this comment.
Something a few hundred thousand miles away controls the movement of the entire ocean. Given enough mass something a hundred yards away can definitely control the movement of a golf ball. Gravity is a booger.
It was pretty bad. Waste of a few hours.
After thinking about it some I realize that I do a bit more. I guess I do take the sand traps, contour of the green, and drainage into account as well. I have been doing it so long that it's just second nature to have a feel for the break and visualize a line. I will add one other thing. You should be properly fit for a putter. I have learned that everybody sees straight a little different. I was fit for an Edel putter. During the fitting I lined up with my old putter and...
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