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This doesn't bother me.  The ball fell in, and it all seemed reasonable to me.    I follow the rules, but I'm not a Nazi about it.
You've all made good points, thank you.  In short, those that say I need more experience in these pressure situations are right.  Some of my best shots come when I'm not "caring".  While that's fine for most of the time I play, I do like improving my game, and the next step appears to be working on my "head" game.
I've always had problems with anything on the line.  I've even played well for a few holes, then get into a skins game for the rest of the round, and immediately have the wheels fall off my game.  This has all crept up into my head that I'm almost always done before the start.  Last week, I even went to the range every lunch and after work to prep.  Then, Saturday morning, my arm doesn't feel right -- either I was sore from too much range time or I was already in my head...
You just met me at the first tee.  We have a good round.  I maybe broke 80, with 3 birdies, maybe a lucky eagle.  Pretty impressive.  If not, some where around 83 with a bunch of good shots, just one or two trouble holes.   I played well, we tell bulls**t stories at the 19th.    Next week we are in the same group for the latest monthly tournament.  I hit 120.  You ask if I have a twin brother that's a single digit handicap.  You drop your head and pat my back when I tell...
I too ini you're really stretching your argument here.  find me someone that doesn't know what par means?  you won't find them.  i'll even let you include people that have never seen golf before, and bet they know what par means. and if, somehow, you find an alien that crash landed on earth, has never seen a human before, that we can agree doesn't know what par means, would take about 30 seconds to figure it out and never need to know again. extra and redundant information...
Is Dean Greene an 8 year old? Or does he simply have a very poor command of the English language?
 I too was wondering what they would've done had Sadena or another girl had taken the money.  And I also think she's playing too safe.  The other girls are obviously intimidated by her.   At least she's staying humble and focused.  Some of the dudes in previous big break seasons have egos way too big for their shoes.
Another remark about how awesome this thread is!
 Good points, but I'm not convinced.  I appreciate the fact though that the girls are better players than in previous seasons where the girls were better looking, but played horribly.   And at heart, I'm a golf fan, so I'd rather see the better players.
Finally watched the first two episodes last night on my dvr, so I can now participate in this thread. With that, I'm wondering if we're watching the same show cause there ain't a looker in this bunch!
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