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 I too was wondering what they would've done had Sadena or another girl had taken the money.  And I also think she's playing too safe.  The other girls are obviously intimidated by her.   At least she's staying humble and focused.  Some of the dudes in previous big break seasons have egos way too big for their shoes.
Another remark about how awesome this thread is!
 Good points, but I'm not convinced.  I appreciate the fact though that the girls are better players than in previous seasons where the girls were better looking, but played horribly.   And at heart, I'm a golf fan, so I'd rather see the better players.
Finally watched the first two episodes last night on my dvr, so I can now participate in this thread. With that, I'm wondering if we're watching the same show cause there ain't a looker in this bunch!
 oh geeze, yet another person joining the forum to spam us all with this crappy stuff, probably this Allison chick herself.  Didn't I tell you to get yourself back in the kitchen?  Learn to bake that pie and maybe you'll find a man to take care of you!
 you consider yourself a 5-7 handicap, yet you put 1.6 has your index in your profile?   i think you're simply posting to brag.  well, it worked...  jealous i am.
Move someplace warm. There's no off-season in so cal.
Seems like your preshot routine is almost asking for this. If I was playing with you, after your second time knocking the ball off the tee, I'd give you a "ONE" and chuckle with the rest of our foursome.
Enough with the armchair umpires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Similar to the proliferation of "ba-ba-booey's" being screamed after everyone's tee shot, the PGA needs to put a stop on taking these calls from the public. Its becoming a damn mess and, imho, is reducing the respect of the PGA by making it seem they can't police themselves. Let's pull some HD video up of the PGA championship from last year and see if we can't catch someone missing replacing their ball on the green by a...
Just joined last Saturday. Got an eagle in my first round too! See ya out there!
New Posts  All Forums: