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  conditions can be random there, probably because weather in malibu is different than elsewhere in the bay (malibu course is inland a bit, within all sorts of mountains).   though when its in good shape, its a great course!  beautiful, challenging, etc.. the one odd thing though is they have no driving range.  they have a batting cage type setup so you can at least warm up your swing, though the balls they let you use there (they're free), are awful.
before i started the game, i thought it was dumb.  i'd roll my eyes at people that said they were addicted to golf.  i'd be annoyed as all hell to see golf on tv on sundays.   i'd say that golf isn't even close to a sport, and was more like billiards or bowling.   i started to play during trips to palm springs during the summer, and well, discovered how much of a fool i was for my former negative feelings.  karma caught me though, as its taken several years to play...
  reasonable till you realize your round will take 7 hours.   penmar is a 9 hole, executive course right in venice (mar vista actually).   westchester is an 18 hole par 62, which is just north of LAX.   malibu is a nice suggestion as well.   for the same drive, you can go south and play skylinks in long beach.
  this is a great post.  it won't change the minds of the haters here, but hopefully the usga has a more open mind.
take a week off.
wow about the shift key.   those that are offended (or annoyed) are showing great ignorance in the "norms" of online etiquette.   hey gramps!   shift key is sooooooooo 1990's brah!
  nice summary!
allow me to keep my belly putter anchored to my belly, and I'll remain happy.   good for the PGA to protest the rules change.  boo to the people that "just don't like it".   and a big boo to those that protest gay marriage (some of you are real god-damn bigots!).
  i don't care how much money you have, $3.15M is a ton of money, and having someone else say "well, you already have enough, let me just take this from you", is a terribly poor argument, and no, is not fair.
  THIS!  and it worked, jealous of OP in a big way... :(
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