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wow about the shift key.   those that are offended (or annoyed) are showing great ignorance in the "norms" of online etiquette.   hey gramps!   shift key is sooooooooo 1990's brah!
  nice summary!
allow me to keep my belly putter anchored to my belly, and I'll remain happy.   good for the PGA to protest the rules change.  boo to the people that "just don't like it".   and a big boo to those that protest gay marriage (some of you are real god-damn bigots!).
  i don't care how much money you have, $3.15M is a ton of money, and having someone else say "well, you already have enough, let me just take this from you", is a terribly poor argument, and no, is not fair.
  THIS!  and it worked, jealous of OP in a big way... :(
or you can drive your a** 70 miles from long beach to the deep valley... up to you smelly!
  they have that special *every* monday! :)  (well, except holidays..)   both courses are in the best shape in over a year, highly recommended.  even the $105 rate on the weekends makes it worth it.  comparable courses in the OC are about $60 more.
  from long beach??  sure, if smellysell wants to spend all day in his car.  i think that recommendation is nuts considering we're talking about south la.
  if you're using a hole, me, and most other people, won't.   roaming the green makes sense, assuming you're not on a totally flat green, as other holes on the green have will have different lies/angles/undulations.   your version of etiquette seems different than that norm.
this may not be on topic with the current discussion, but last saturday i played a round where someone from the group in front drove back to tee off again because his ball was lost OB.   while the pace was very reasonable, we did have to wait on most shots, but still, the single that was grouped with me lost his sh*t when the guy came back.  i did my best to walk back away to act like i was out of the conversation, but i did find it both (a) annoying that the guy didn't...
New Posts  All Forums: