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  that's my master rule as well.   i will NEVER pick up a ball, unless its mine, and then only if i have to take an unplayable.   a bigger pet peeve of mine than anxious hitters are lazy dudes that drive up and pick up every ball to see what it is and who's it is.
simple:  keep the belly and broom handle putter
Engrish mother farter! Do you speak it?!
thanks very much for the good info, i got a refusbished sgx on ebay for $112 (plus $9 shipping, $9 tax, thank you very much you a-hole gov. brown!).  
  how does the sgxw handle open wifi's that require you to accept a terms of service within a browser?   most places require that.  i know my phone can't sync its mail via a wifi unless i goto its web browser first and confirm the terms of service.   i do like the range view feature, it makes it seem helpful, but perhaps for par 5s only?  doesn't the sgx give you a layup location on drives?   i'm torn as i want the most recent sgxw, but i see refurbished sgx's on ebay for...
  i think its the old farts more than the 'entertainment industry' people that cause the backlog.   i play rancho often, and i see more geriatric folks and asians than entertainment people.   you ever see a korean take 60 seconds to line up a 3 ft putt?  or lag to within 18" to only remark it to let someone else putt?  i have at rancho often.
  considering you've never done it before yourself... and i have for over 13 years... i'll still stick w/ my original post that you're incorrect to say James doesn't really "need" the big break.   i find this post of yours to be quite prejudicial and ignorant.
  you do know what Bear can also refer to?
  says the guy living in a hill-billy, flyover state
  i'm rooting for James, and I also like the Kikkor shoes (I have 2 pairs).  But being a CEO/owner of a company doesn't make someone wealthy, or even well-off, in the slightest.   For many/most, quite the opposite in fact.     Don't let those occupy wall street folks twist your thinking...
New Posts  All Forums: