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  how does the sgxw handle open wifi's that require you to accept a terms of service within a browser?   most places require that.  i know my phone can't sync its mail via a wifi unless i goto its web browser first and confirm the terms of service.   i do like the range view feature, it makes it seem helpful, but perhaps for par 5s only?  doesn't the sgx give you a layup location on drives?   i'm torn as i want the most recent sgxw, but i see refurbished sgx's on ebay for...
  i think its the old farts more than the 'entertainment industry' people that cause the backlog.   i play rancho often, and i see more geriatric folks and asians than entertainment people.   you ever see a korean take 60 seconds to line up a 3 ft putt?  or lag to within 18" to only remark it to let someone else putt?  i have at rancho often.
  considering you've never done it before yourself... and i have for over 13 years... i'll still stick w/ my original post that you're incorrect to say James doesn't really "need" the big break.   i find this post of yours to be quite prejudicial and ignorant.
  you do know what Bear can also refer to?
  says the guy living in a hill-billy, flyover state
  i'm rooting for James, and I also like the Kikkor shoes (I have 2 pairs).  But being a CEO/owner of a company doesn't make someone wealthy, or even well-off, in the slightest.   For many/most, quite the opposite in fact.     Don't let those occupy wall street folks twist your thinking...
the USGA is too late, the cat's outta the bag.
racist??  no, i'm being selective.  let's group everyone on this thread into two groups, those that agree w/ erik and those that don't.  the only other way to evaluate the quality of that advice, since i'm not actually interacting w/ the person but instead am reading what they write, would be the quality of their own game.   thus, i trust erik over the 20+ posers on here.   furthermore, to coach at a top level for nearly every sport requires proof of some ability within...
  erik is talking about live instruction where he can actually gauge the advice of people.  my complaint was about the 20+ handicappers that are on this thread making no damn sense, saying we should devote 50% of our practice to putting, since 50% of our shots are putts.    one thing i've noticed about this site is people immediately react to the post right above them without reading any of the other posts.  its why many of the threads on this forum get off track .. its...
nice to know the pga agrees with me too:  http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/golf/2012/11/28/pga-of-america-opposes-anchoring-ban/1731719/
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