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I started P90X, and its the real deal! \
interesting, i'll try that.
yoga classes can be expensive, and repeatative. after a while i wonder why i go to a class since its the same routines every time, i can just do it at home. the P90x yoga dvd is intense and thorough. and you can do it at home.
thanks, i had a good practise session this morning and focused on this tip. we'll see if i can continue doing better....
if those are R9's, i have those, and yes you can hit a bad shot with them. (though i'm sure her's are TPs)...
bahh... i thought i was improving but i think i took a step back today. i was really liking my game at the range, and even my warm up before todays round felt real good. but if i wasnt' hitting it fat, i was hooking most everything. except my driver, for whatever reason i hit that real well. luckily it was a 5 person scramble tourney i was in today. we played my drive most of the time.. so at least i carried some weight. i feel a bit down though cause i did think...
good luck, and DO IT!! my dad started yoga when he was 65 and is super lean and flexible now (he's 68). he goes to a class every day now, and absoluetly loves it. do whatever you can to get your dad on it.
just guessing, but perhaps because the clean and place is because of the lie the ball is in?
right now i'm very happy. a few weeks ago i started a thread cause i was hitting it fat way too much. the advice i got from the sandbaggers was excellent. i took the 2 most promising tips, and have been practising at a grass range with them. i'm super happy with where i am now. my biggest problem is fully understanding my yardage with each club, and my horrid short game (which i'm working on, i swear!!). anyway, yes, i'm happy with my swing right now.
yeah, cause most people that win the lotto aren't of a class enough anyway to know what to do with any extra money, much less $1 million +. they end up doing stupid things like taking everyone they know to disney world and end up spending $100k in a week. or something else stupid like buying a golf course. *however*, you win the mega milions when its up near $300,000,000... then buy the stupid course.
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