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the USGA is too late, the cat's outta the bag.
racist??  no, i'm being selective.  let's group everyone on this thread into two groups, those that agree w/ erik and those that don't.  the only other way to evaluate the quality of that advice, since i'm not actually interacting w/ the person but instead am reading what they write, would be the quality of their own game.   thus, i trust erik over the 20+ posers on here.   furthermore, to coach at a top level for nearly every sport requires proof of some ability within...
  erik is talking about live instruction where he can actually gauge the advice of people.  my complaint was about the 20+ handicappers that are on this thread making no damn sense, saying we should devote 50% of our practice to putting, since 50% of our shots are putts.    one thing i've noticed about this site is people immediately react to the post right above them without reading any of the other posts.  its why many of the threads on this forum get off track .. its...
nice to know the pga agrees with me too:  http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/golf/2012/11/28/pga-of-america-opposes-anchoring-ban/1731719/
let me be the first belly putter user to say booo to the usga.  they're making a mistake, and i hope & trust it won't actually be implemented once they get more arguments from the 'users' and not all the 'haters'.
i don't see the point of the product.  plus i see a myriad of issues with it both as a pencil and a tee.
i use and enjoy a belly putter, i really hope i can keep using it through the next decade.  with that though, one thing i notice i do:  when i decide to putt out on a lag putt that's within 3-4 feet, i'll "anchor" the putter to my left forearm instead of my belly and make my stroke..   based on the predicted rules changes, would this still be legal?   thanks!
  are you my long lost brother?
i like the old school paper and pencil.   i keep track of fairways hit, GIRs and number of putts.  i don't bother entering into an app, i just take the card, chill in the garage after the round, and reenact the round in my head.     there's something more romantic about having something tangible to hold than something you're reading off of a computer screen.
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