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let me be the first belly putter user to say booo to the usga.  they're making a mistake, and i hope & trust it won't actually be implemented once they get more arguments from the 'users' and not all the 'haters'.
i don't see the point of the product.  plus i see a myriad of issues with it both as a pencil and a tee.
i use and enjoy a belly putter, i really hope i can keep using it through the next decade.  with that though, one thing i notice i do:  when i decide to putt out on a lag putt that's within 3-4 feet, i'll "anchor" the putter to my left forearm instead of my belly and make my stroke..   based on the predicted rules changes, would this still be legal?   thanks!
  are you my long lost brother?
i like the old school paper and pencil.   i keep track of fairways hit, GIRs and number of putts.  i don't bother entering into an app, i just take the card, chill in the garage after the round, and reenact the round in my head.     there's something more romantic about having something tangible to hold than something you're reading off of a computer screen.
  this thread has gone on so long its hard to keep track of why someone is referring to.   again, i'll take the advice of icacas and NOT the person w/ the 20+ handicap.   and if butch harmon, at his youthful age, barring no disabilities, was a 20+ handicap, he certainly wouldn't be tiger's coach.  if you can't use your own advice to get better, then shut the h** up.
  that wouldn't matter if someone had a track record, or other type of resume, that shows they are a master of golf.  however here, we only have someone's handicap to judge them by.  and i feel that someone that's a 20 handicap shouldn't be spouting off that we should be spending all our time putting and chipping.  i'll go w/ the advice of the single-digit handicap as they are speaking from their experience.   any you know what?  i found this thread a few months ago, and...
  i noticed a few shows last week (parks and rec, the office) weren't new either.  it might be one of those times where for a week or two, no new shows come on.
  i doubt butch harmon is a 20 handicap
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