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  this thread has gone on so long its hard to keep track of why someone is referring to.   again, i'll take the advice of icacas and NOT the person w/ the 20+ handicap.   and if butch harmon, at his youthful age, barring no disabilities, was a 20+ handicap, he certainly wouldn't be tiger's coach.  if you can't use your own advice to get better, then shut the h** up.
  that wouldn't matter if someone had a track record, or other type of resume, that shows they are a master of golf.  however here, we only have someone's handicap to judge them by.  and i feel that someone that's a 20 handicap shouldn't be spouting off that we should be spending all our time putting and chipping.  i'll go w/ the advice of the single-digit handicap as they are speaking from their experience.   any you know what?  i found this thread a few months ago, and...
  i noticed a few shows last week (parks and rec, the office) weren't new either.  it might be one of those times where for a week or two, no new shows come on.
  i doubt butch harmon is a 20 handicap
  THIS.   i don't get the rush to hit as soon as the cart moves (or in this case before).  based on the original poster's story, it sounds like he was frustrated from waiting, which i can understand.  i try to do other things, like chipping near the tee box, to keep myself from getting over-anxious.
    you know what's worse than a vanity handicapper?  an *******.   i'm sure you know which one you are.
  i agree.   i think he's horrible.  but even horrible people to great things.  and this is a great thing.  i don't think you could make a golf course anywhere in the world (save for Bandon, OR). where people wouldn't get all up in arms angry about it.  thus i could care less about the drunken scots that are complaining about the course.   i look forward to playing this course.
  so true.. Disney also owns Pixar, and pretty much everything Pixar makes is truly golden.   and whatever, a new star wars movie will be coming out in 2015... CAN'T WAIT!!
  i'm not refined at all.   cause i'm a scot...
  Australia?  Is that your argument, Australia? Come back when you make parole and hit the big leagues.
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