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  don't forget, we're talking about GOLF, not a triathlon.
  yes, but that doesn't take into account your peak.  you can still peak in your 40's if you weren't peaking at 26.    there's countless stories of people talking about how they're in the best shape they've ever been in their 40's.  furthermore with the health care and diet information we have now, there's no reason to think that that decline can't be a very, very low slope.  to say otherwise is essentially giving up...
Fernando Valenzuela, last year.  Big hitter..
  also, you can invite up to 11 of your friends which would get their member rate, which i believe is half off ($60?).  might be an opportunity to have a socal sandtrap get together?
  because that's exactly what you said.. you said if you had to learn from scratch at 30, you'd have quit.  and, from someone what started at 37, i believe you are wrong.  and also making it out seem like 39 is much older than it really is.
  i picked up the game 5 years ago when i was 37.   i loved learning how to play and enjoyed watching myself get better.   yes, i started where i would sometimes yet a 20 yard duff, but that's part of the game.   thus, i 100% disagree with your comment about 39 being too old to learn the game.  its not as old as you think, wait and ask yourself that when you're that age.  the fact that you'd have quit had you had to start all over at the tender age of 30 shows your mental...
I'm curious about something:   When you ride in a cart, you usually have 2 sand bottles attached to it for filling in divots, repairing the fairway, etc..   I am someone that usually has to use both bottles as I can dig some nice big holes w/ my irons.    My question is, what should I be doing when I'm walking?   I use a push cart, and have thought before of taking a sand bottle and somehow attaching it to my cart so I have it with me.   But I've *never* seen anyone...
quick question, i think i know the answer:   If my ball is in some heavy rough, if i ground my club and the ground under the ball moves down from, say the grass compressing, is it a foul?   in other words, the ball doesn't move on its own, but the ground underneath it does, and the ball stays in the same relative spot to its location in on the ground.   is this still a penalty?  and thus should i be more careful about grounding my club in rough like...
hi guys.. just joined the group.   my weekends are usually tight w/ the family, so play most of my golf during the week (plz don't tell anyone at my work..).   but if there's an event being put together, then my first fam can take a back seat to my second one.   cheer!
also, consider the 3 city-courses in Long Beach.   All are on the south/east edge of the city, so very close to OC, if you're not too much further south.   Skylinks is my home course, and is in good shape.  Its getting better now to as the golf courses have turned in a nice profit for the city, and they've decided to spend some of that profit by putting it back into the course.
New Posts  All Forums: