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  with your rocket pace of improving, you'll be quite the formidable opponent come early next year!   but seriously.. the only way you'll ever make money on the asian tour is if you get a job parking cars at the events.
  the ball retriever v. non-ball retriever argument is practically a meme.   its not at the level of walking v. riding, but geeze, its not like i called him an a**hole.  dork is a safe, and fairly funny thing to say.  4putt needs to show a little backbone...
  thanks for all the suggestions! 
My renewal for my current club will be $85.  I didn't play in any of their tourney's this year, so really all I'm using the club for is my GHIN.     I'd like to save money next year, and join another club that's cheaper.  Does anyone recommend an internet club? (I see greenskeeper quit doing theirs last year).   Or another course club in the LA/OC area?   If I can save close to $50, I'll quit my current club, otherwise, I'll just keep it.   Thanks!
  pot.. meet kettle..
  try to learn the trick where you turn your right handed club upside down and hit it left handed.   i have it somewhat nailed down and can punch out a shot maybe 40 yards.   its pretty helpful.     yes, there's lots of dorks out there that carry them.  D..O..R..K..S..
  the world.... welcome to it.
  THIS!  people that don't tip are cheap a**holes
So. Cal, FTW!
i wanted to get an outfit w/ knickers and such, but my wife will never let me out of the house with it.   a guy in my men's club wears one on tournament days and it seems pretty cool.   i say GO FOR IT!
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