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Find out your swing speed, most courses that have demo days have the equipment to monitor it, if not an upscale club or big box store should have a monitor. This will give you an idea where your swing fits with shaft flex.
Try using your hybrid or highest lofted wood and putt with it. Use a putting stroke. The loft of the club will get the ball airborne and then rolling. Easier to control and the added bounce of the hybrid/wood will help
I hit it last weekend (both models the MP-630 and 630 Fast Track). I tested the Fast Track in both the 1-10 and 5-6 setting. I did notice that when set up with the weights in the 1-10 setting the ball (a brand new top-flight range) did fly lower. I'll give it another try when the weather gets better. Overall it felt solid, but wasn't as comfortable as my 983K. It does frame the ball nice, so that's a plus! And the stock shaft is OK (Fubuki) would like a little less torque.
A few weeks ago I sat in on the Optimizer Fitting Demo with Chicago's Mizuno Rep. He walked us through the fitting concept and showed us the way the Optimizer and software work. Its great for fitters (I was certified Titleist and HG when I was a professional) because shaft flex and characteristics is purely subjective. Using this new tool and software has taken the guesswork out of the equation. The three options that the program provides is just that, options. The idea is...
Set A all the way. Learning to hit your PW SW and LW the Pelz way will improve your game.
More loft does = more control, just go hit a bunch of different lofts. The shaft you play as well as the ball you play will also determine your optimum launch/loft. Fitting would help like Gioguy21 said. Good luck!
Start with getting in balance...the swing starts from the bottom up and you tend to fall away from all your shots. Anything else you do won't mean a thing if you're falling over...good luck and stick with it!
Totally disagree. It is a semantics thing. In my experience telling someone to "hit" down only caused a steeper angle and deeper divots. When focused on swinging the club, the results were a swing more on-plane and contact at the bottom of the arc. (TW stated later he was a Picker...which would have changed my original response, and I would have told him to stop watching video's of John Cook!--Joke) Totally agree, and finding out TW is a picker is even more of a reason...
When I started on Titleist Staff in the late 90's I got the 962b's, then the 990's. No major complaints they had flighted Rifle's so the shafts were wicked good, finally my last set was the 690 cb's. The 990's were the weakest of the bunch. Nice club, but not near the look and feel feel of the 962' s and way different from the 690's. If they are an upgrade then you'll like them until you are able to hit something forged, then you'll make the change.
Tell your wife the next time she wants new shoes " Payless has a bogo sale"....actually don't, she might let you get your irons, but never ever have a chance to play...good luck and go with the 990's
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