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Start today. The "Mondays" is the worst excuse you can use to start a diet. You will eat a massive amount during your weekend and by the time Monday comes around you are crippled by all the junk you ate. Today would be a awesome challenge if your really serious about it. Its Mothers day. You will probably have to go eat out somewhere or do something that has a major food temptation along the way. If you can pass today you will have a HUGE amount of motivation heading...
at 230 bucks. Buy it. You can easily sell it for the same amount if you don't like it.
For the same people who go out and buy a New car and decide to put on a new exhaust, intake, Rims, etc.   Does a new set of 2010 irons help you more than a 2011 set. Probably not.   Does a Brand New car really need a new cat back exhaust. Nope.   All in fun.
I'm 5"6.5 and I've always used a 44 inch driver. When I ordered from Titleist I had them cut to this length and made sure the Swing weight was factory spec. I believe from the factory the 910s are at D3 which is where I'm comfortable. I'm sure by adjusting the club head weight of the R11 you can get your driver to about a D3-D5 after its been cut.
this is probably the best idea for "push ups"   But as others have stated. Forearms, Lats, Legs and Core are probably 100x more important.
I have gone through a major weight change in the last 8 weeks. I've lost between 32-35 pounds. I was about 215 and now I'm sitting at 185 give or take a few pounds. I've put on a good amount of muscle in the process as well. My swing is SO JACKED UP. I couldn't hit a iron shot if my life was on the line. The only improvement i see is in the Driver and Putting (lack of gut). Iron play has been really bad. Not saying I'm the greatest iron player but it was my strong suit.
Gone. How do i close this?
I have a Diamana Whiteboard also for sale. I'd give a nice discount if someone would like both.
42 inches in Length. Has not been tipped. Weight is 83 grams. Torque 2.8. .335. The shaft is in great shape. I also have a Nike VR Head on the forum. Would be a great combo. I'd make a deal for both if you so decide to purchase them together.
Selling a mint Nike VR Tour Head which is 10.5 degrees. .335. Very light sky marks which do not affect play and are barely visible at address.
New Posts  All Forums: