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Still interested in how they worded the local rule. Announcers were saying that anything past the cart path resulted in a mandatory drop in the nearest drop circle.
I don't guess it matters, but the incident I was talking about was the clubhouse beyond 18, so not temporary. If you hit it past the cart path into the clubhouse, it's a mandatory drop in the drop areas. Maybe there were other structures in the area too that are temporary. My apologies if I'm misreading the tone of certain posts.
So I guess they'd have to rework that example JUST a little bit since this is not a water hazard, doesn't involve a penalty, is a mandatory drop...etc....   The snarkiness sure flows a lot on rules discussions.....
8. Dropping Zones If the Committee considers that it is not feasible or practicable to proceed in accordance with a Rule providing relief, it may establish dropping zones in which balls may or must be dropped when taking relief. Generally, such dropping zones should be provided as an additional relief option to those available under the Rule itself, rather than being mandatory. Using the example of a dropping zone for a water hazard, when such a dropping zone is...
 Didn't mean to confuse you guys, I am not questioning the local rule.I'm aware drop areas can be closer to the hole. I want to see the way the local rule is worded because we have a similar situation at our club and I'd like our local rule to be properly worded. Whether you think I "need" to see it or not, I'd still "like" to as I said in my original post ;)
I'd like to see the wording for the drop areas near the clubhouse. They're getting free drops closer to the hole from where the ball ends up.
Also. If it's "known or virtually certain" the ball is in the flower bed but lost, you still drop without penalty, correct? AND The 2nd shot is uphill, so there will be times when no one in your group will see the ball go into the flower bed. If it's not found on such occasions, it's played as a lost ball, right?
Thanks. Good to know.
Should have also mentioned the committee does NOT want the flower bed to OB.
Our 17th hole has out of bounds beyond the green. There is a large flower bed between the green and OB. The committee wants to adopt a local rule requiring a mandatory drop from the flower bed. Taking relief, no closer to the hole, will sometimes be a considerable distance from where your ball ends up in the flower bed. Questions: 1-Do USGA rules permit drop areas for this? 2-There obviously will be a local rule on the card and maybe a sign in the flower bed, but is it...
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