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Today I played my first round in nearly 2 weeks. In that time I spent 10 whole days without hitting a ball (hardly 'practicing every day') I put in a bit of time on the practice green before the round. Nothing major, but it did seem to help. My speed was improved on recent weeks, and I made everything inside 5 feet. Although I did end up with 31 putts, with 1x 3 putt. Naturally, ball striking was off. My driving was inconsistent and I had a hard time judging distance...
I never leave the course satisfied. Happy, maybe, but never satisfied. Happy is beating my personal best score, or beating my handicap at least. Satisfied would be finally achieving the level I am striving for. I think there is a danger area for people trying to improve if they are overly happy or satisfied with the level they are at. Gotta always expect to improve, anything less, whilst not failure, shouldn't leave you satisfied. Some people aren't out to improve and...
Nah, I didn't take the photo. It's from Big Wheel Golf's website. The course is Barndougle Dunes in Tasmania. Ranked #1 public course in Australia I think... Pretty sure this pic was taken from one of the pro events there. Always push your cart. Not only is it better for your back, but you can see if anything falls off!!!
It's called "Big Wheel Golf". A lot of pro's on the small Australian tour use them. Apparently, you should never pull your buggy behind you (always push it!) but yeah, the big wheels make a MASSIVE difference.
One reason I've carried my bag for the last few years is setup and mess. I put on my shoes, and take my bag out of the car and that's it! When I had a buggy it was a pain to load it up, set it up, clean the boot of mud and dirt from the wheels. I enjoy carrying my clubs for other reasons, too. But alas this week has been torture on my back. Not from golf, but from sleeping. I haven't played in a week!! So, I'm gonna get one of these. I've used many buggies before,...
without reading the previous two replies, you take the club back WAY inside, which will leave it pointing more toward 1 o'clock rather than 12 o'clock at the top of the backswing, from there all you can do is slice unless you dramatically close the face at impact which = snap hook. Admittedly, I'm no expert, but that isn't helping. In pic #2, you ideally want the club pointing along the same line as the 'aim' club infront of your feet.
lol - putting is actually at the forefront of my practice routine! But yeah, take out the 3 putts = 76. If only no one 3-putted!
The local paper ran a story about this sort of thing a while ago. Believe it or not, driver hits are actually incredibly loud (I'm talking 100+ dbSPL - louder than a lawn mower). We can't perceive the actual loudness because the peak is so fast, all we hear is the decay. If you go down to the driving range and hit about 200 drivers you'll definitely be doing damage to your hearing. But the 12 or so per round make very little long term impact. Especially if you only play...
Haven't played and new hybrids. Some of them look horrible at address. My brother has TM burner. Not the biggest fan of THAT one.... But dude, awesome avatar! mmmm Turkey.
As soon as I started to keep my weight over the ball (forward-ish) on backswing, I immediately hit the ball better on the course. I've even bombed clean over a couple of par 3's. I don't know how much S&T I actually do, I just borrowed the weight part of it.
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