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How about the colored Noodle ICE balls? They're a pretty low compression ball with some wild colors like raspberry, tangerine etc. I've used the Noodle Long and Soft on cold mornings and they work pretty good.
I'm setting one of these up right now as our season in Alaska is already over. I'm going with a projector, full cage etc. If it doesn't work like they say I'll probably step up to the P3Pro.
I carry 14 and swap wedges for hybrids or fairway woods depending on where I'm playing or how I'm hitting them. I used to go with 9 when I was carrying my bag, but have since gone to a push cart so I load it up.
I have my old Cally X-14's and Callaway hawkeye Driver and woods. I keep them for friends or visitors to use, but I would have no problem gaming them.
They must be selling alot of them. I'm going to go hit them this week. I really want to like them.
I've had three different Callaway FT drivers. I'm currently back to my original FTI. I hate the sound of it. You can hit it right on the sweet spot and everyone within a 1/4 mile wheels around to see the wreck, dogs bark, geese take flight .....well you get my point. If it didn't keep me in the fariway so well I'd toss it.
I think with the new Diablo line up they're on the way out. I'm playing them and I love them.
I've had the FTI since the first year. It is definately not the longest driver I have, but it almost always keeps me in the fairway. I wish I had not let them talk me into a 10 degree with a regular shaft, I get very high drives with little run, but like i said they're in play.
I was in Phoenix a few years ago to visit my brother for a week of golf. One of the afternoons we're paired up with this guy who keeps talking about shooting par here, and his 73 he shot there. Well we started off and this guy looks like he can't break 100. Every shot he's having a melt down. It was really making a great day into a totally lame afternoon. Finally around the sixth hole he starts into his routine and my brother looks over at me and we start laughing. And...
New Posts  All Forums: