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The only true links course I've played (or heard of) in Canada is Cabot Links on the east coast.   Both Eagles Nest & Pipers Heath would be two of the better links style courses in and around the GTA though.
 I had high expectations for Greywalls and thoroughly enjoyed it...great shape and incredible views with lots of elevation changes. However from a golf standpoint I thought TimberStone had more of a wow factor. Only negative was the 4 greens that were in really bad condition. Sweetgrass was nice too but definitely a distant third to the others.
Took longer than planned but finally made it to the U.P.....here's my updated list (in order):   Arcadia Bluffs Forest Dunes Timber Stone True North Black Lake Shepherds Hollow Greywalls Red Hawk Bay Harbor Elk Ridge Arthur Hills Tullymore The Gailes Sweetgrass Grand Traverse Bear Treetops Masterpiece Black Forest Ostego Tribute Shanty Creek Legends Blackheath Fore Lakes   Next up.....western Michigan.
  A lesson for you kids out there....don't drink and post!!
True North Black Lake Forest Dunes Bay Harbor Boyne - Hills* Treetops - Masterpiece* *Great courses (although not the best) but ideal for 36 because you could change it up with Heather & Signature. Personally I would sub in Elk Ridge for Treetops.
Great list.....now you have me considering the U.P for next summer. Totally agree with your top 3...only change I would make would be to slide Black Lake into the #4 spot. I thought it was an amazing track!
Headed to Mesquite next month....already have Wolf Creek booked but will only have time for one more round. Can anyone make a recommendation.....Casablanca or Falcon Ridge perhaps? How does Conestoga match up?
We get down to Phoenix/Scottsdale every other year or so...just can't beat it. My favorite so far has to be Troon North....hope to play We-Ko-Pa next visit though. Have they started putting homes up around Vista Verde yet?
Did you get to play Vista Verde? Any other decent courses?
It was okay but our whole group thought Vista Verde was a LOT better. That was a few years ago...not sure if they've built the subdivision around it yet.
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