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    There is such so much wrong with this statement... Does Martin Kaymer not look like a athlet to you? Tiger Woods? Ben Hogan? They all have/had very athletic abilities. Cutting across the ball to play a "fade"/slice is the hackers way to do it - show me where Kaymer is cutting across it - you will find no evidence of it.       Top Spin??? Then your ball would probably land in the next ditch 100y out, if at all.        
LOL - why do you think Woods had such a HUGE fanbase over every other player on tour - certainly not because he is such a nice approachable person that makes his fans feel special, signing autographs all day long and respecting the game that made him rich. Heck no - he had so many fans, because he was winning all the time every year. He was a sure bet not only for the punters but also for people who needed an easy way to root for somebody in golf.
Well thats though to answer - but since his current game got him to Nr. 1 - why would you change ANYTHING in your game - just as so many people did and now struggeling with it.   Just keep it as it is, and go your way and things will develop from there.
Hmmm - 0 majors - 0 PGA tournaments and 0 European tournaments in the last two years - i´d say thats a more accurate description of his performance than drooling over his past.
It doesnt work that way - Tiger still has a lot of points left from former wins in the last years - if he doesnt manage to win within the next two months, he will loose these points, and he will drop out of the Top20! And that is actually a fact. You might hold on for a position for quite a while in the WGR - but once you start to struggle and cant keep up with your former success, you drop will be quick and steep - just look at how fast and deep Duval dropped.   So yes,...
I like it - no idea about Price but Trevino, O´Grady and Miller were pretty good ball strikers from what i´ve read about them. Obv. you would have to add a couple more to the list, but i guess he wasnt around back then. And i think he forgot good ol´ Moe! If you want to learn what good ball striking is, you are better off studying the past than the present.
So Harrington made a double eagle and no video footage of it? They probably were busy recording a three putt from Tiger.... But its understandably since he IS the best american in the field - 11 shots back from where the action is.
I bought the MP52s a while ago (from UK) and wondered why there was serial number on them to proof that they are legit. I called up Mizuno and they told me they wouldnt print serial numbers (on this specific) set - dont know about other items like drivers or so on. But i also dont have any number on the ferrule...Why do you think they are not legit? The price of the 52´s came down quite a bit in the last few months, so you dont need to wonder if you get them on the cheap...
I have to agree with Ben on this one - Authentic Swing it is. I can literally name guys in my club by there swing, i could do this 3 years ago - i can do this 5 years from now, doesnt matter how many balls they beat or how many lessons they take. That doesnt mean they dont improve their ball striking, but their original look of the swing will stay the same. Looking at my swing 1 year ago and now, i´m shocked how similar it looks, yet i hit the ball much better. Looking at...
I agree - he had so many good chances to take over and he blew them all - big time! He is the least deserving of the bunch!
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