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i am surprised a 7.4 handicap has to ask.
I have begun working on my fitness, remember the core, dosent take as much time as you would think.  Jump some rope.   There is always time to practice putting indoors, 4 footers ...can you do 10 in a row, how about 15????  Anyone who shoots 100 needs putting improvement.  I swing in my living room , ceilings are high enough to do full wedges...and flat drivers.  Super slow swings...how slow can you go ?
Pics look good....not sure I would say "like" Jan craig, this thread motivated me to contact her for a quote on 20 driver covers, ..the price was about $12 less than a Jan craig cover, knowing that, I think i will place our order thru Jan craig.  Sometimes when you buy something "like " a kleenex...you end up with a chaffed nose.    I know that the Craigs will last for years, can be repaired, and have a resale value.  This post has been very helpful.
I help coach a JV golf team, I can score as well carrying a 4 wood an 53 wedge and a putter  as I can with my full bag..some days, I shoot better with just the 3 clubs..there are holes where the wedge clearly isnt enough.....but I can find it..and usually can scramble in those situations.
I coach JV at a larger catholic school in my city, great kids, I really enjoy them.  One of the greatest issues that we face is what shows on the scorecard vs what really happens.  Kids will tell you they shot 4 and you just saw them make 5...add that up hole after hole, over 3 months???   Work with him, let him play with kids MORE skilled then he is...lift some light weights, do some stomach exercises and re tee it next year.  3 months is a really long tryout period...I...
Extending clubs is fairly simple, given the right tools and a little know how.  The act of extending the clubs will change the amount of lie change required.  You may hear some posts on how shaft extensions are garbage and destroy the shaft playing characteristics....it is only a 1/2 inch..and if you notice when you hold the club in address position....your fingers are not even on this part of the grip, only the pad of your hand is, i view it as a comfort in set up...
I like Opti logic....made in the USA...on ebay used from time to time 
I think you have something...going to be a small audience.....and I wouldnt have any idea how to market to them.....If it were me ( and it is not) I would list on ebay the lowest amount that you are willing to accept and see what happens.
My son got me my Yoda a few years ago....
is forresters still being made in USA??
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