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buy some drinks and food at the resturant...support the facility
so ..it is thursday afternoon...how did it go?
I would say that he needs to be fitted for a driver ..that thing is clearly too long/heavy.
That range looks like it could do some damage to your body....a thin mat hitting off bricks  YIKES!
Much ado about nothing...I think you were being a bit of a baby.  
 A great product, last forever and stick like crazy.  Yes they cost more but it isnt a matter of cost...expect 3-6 yrs and comfort you have never experienced...if you are a left...remember to get the left model
When hitting it good...go to the range..when hitting it bad...play golf     Groove it at the range when it is going good.....   You may want to consider a shag bag , at least a clear plastic tube  and build a bag of shag balls,  for variety go to a park/ baseball field and pitch it around, over chain link fences, to the base, high flops low stingers.  Helps keep your costs down and short game is where it is at.....make games up and see if you can best your last...
Doc 17
School should be ending soon.....great time to kick up the work out...mornings before 10 am are the best....good luck in your quest...   PS..get the darn pull cart... any pull cart Bag boy/ sun mountain/clicgear/ used/new/craigslist I dont care...DO SOMETHING 
if you place a pencil tip on your head at address and watch the slo mo version...you are all over...now I DONT believe your head can be still but it can stay in the same region.....as your head moves your body moves ...keep your spine angle straight, swing around the spine and you may see improvement.
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