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1st of all...golf shoes wont change the way you set up your feet!!! Your set up wlll be the same in tennis shoes or golf shoes. Get a $2 alignment stick at Lowes/Home Depot..maybe 2 of them..place them on the mat for your feet ..and maybe the other up towards where your ball is for swing path. See the line in the concrete???? Your back foot it is down the middle and the front foot it is at the tips..the visual you need is both heels are on that line. " Its not what...
The thing you got going for you is a good attitude, you have taken some critics with a open mind, and a couple comments about your pants with a great outlook...that will help you both in golf and life more than you may know at the moment.
Looks good, the item that caught my eye was in the "face on" shot looks like you lose balance at the end...dont know if you are really trying to bust one for the camera or not. Maybe reel it back a little and keep your balance .
Joel, Everyone has different taste in what thier hands like to feel on the club, So go see if you cant try alot out at a repair shop or somewhere like Golf Galaxy. There are a few grips that I have loved to use, Star grips are made in the USA, last forever and are guarented to be perfectly round. They are affordable at $4-5 per grip and one of the easiest to put on YOURSELF. I like to use leather grips from Gripmaster, there is no other feeling like them, but they...
Put a sharpie line totally around your golf ball and use it to line up drives as well as putts. Once you "set" the line...trust it to line up your feet/body for your swing. Dont waste alot of time doing it..but do it every chance you get.
How about 9:00 to 3:00 until you develop more strength. I cant see going much past 10:00 in a full swing
I think it is pretty important, it isnt that you will need it all the time but when you need it it is nice to know you can produce. If the wind is blowing, you can use it to your benefit. A shot into a tucked green it comes in handy.
Are you a spring season or fall....how did the team do last season...I have a ton of ideas. 2 great books Pelz Damage Control, Bill Madonna Coaching Golf Successfully. Alignment sticks from Home Depot "It is not what feels like square but what square feels like" Trying to pull parental involvement..take the load off driving by arrangeing carpools. I think physical fitness would be important, developing stamina for coming down the last few holes, Yoga for muscle tone...
New Posts  All Forums: