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one shot at a time
if you want to support the course while you use their putting green...patronize the resturant/snack area
I agree with it is ideal for every club to have the same tactile feel.....and wouldnt a star sidewinder feel good in rainy, sunny and cold weather ( although I am using Gripmaster leathers on mine!!!)
bag tag holder???  is it small enough for a ball???  could it be a ball liner??? where you draw the sharpie around the equator?  It has a specific tab at the bottom right..and look at how it bevels on the inside
This may not be a popular answer...how about some nice old TT lite XL cut to regular with spine to the back???   High launchers, with the consistancy enhanced with spine back....I think with shorter shafts cutting to regular is more than enough, I cant recall the last time I busted a sw into a pin ( see you dont do that, you drop to a pw and swing alittle smoother)   Just an idea!
just a mens day of golf
ping moon  holds 14 clubs easy and room for some stuff
your ball position is too far forward  w the pw and the iron   grip position is too strong     set up for pw is too square   agreed that the reverse weight shift is not working, think about how you throw a baseball after the ball is thrown, your weight is on your front foot.   I love the driving range looks like it is eastern bloc   the back view is worthless
if you need Junior grips, please let me know, somehow I got a dozen or 2 of the Star jr wraps, great grips, last forever, easy to install..I would love to sell a few
hit fairways ..hit greens. make your putts.  If you dont hit your fairway...get back in it.....if you dont hit your green....make sure your next chip,pitch,putt,punch gets onto the green 1st near hole 2nd
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