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You should put all your available time working on your spelling
the reasoning is off, the majority of players on tour enjoy the benefits of graphite in all their longest clubs ( woods and hybrids) the clubs that have the highest swingspeeds. torque the most flex the most etc...You dont experience that kind of force with the irons...seems to me ..if the steel shafts are best wouldnt they all use them in every club especially the longest length
with 1 towel, all clubs/balls/tees ready to walk out the door...weighs in at 18 lbs 10 oz
I am not sure that back spin is a desired factor on my  flop shots
My guess would be two fold..  I think ascetically , it looks nicer if you dont run your carts on any hole close to the green ...and secondly it really compacts the dirt, it s nice to at least have 4 holes that are not hard as hell in August
Zack,  " I am not sure that there is a problem.  Different grips are made with different compounds...if they were what I think of as "traditional" tacki macs...I am thinking plastic more than porous rubber..then it would not unusual to me to see they were still damp.  Feb was just a month ago...back when I was refinishing wood h ead woods..tacki macs were a hot item....these would always come off slightly sticky..especially if you used tape the full length..they...
585 is pretty bad.....our bank wont go under 620 and there are tons of restrictions.  2 things cure all credit problems...time and money.  Call a bank in florida, ask them if they have a CRA officer....call that person and see if they recommend / work with a non profit credit counseling agency.  Some of your explainations arent really clear on what is outstanding/incollections or paid off.
I carry a shag bag and a few wedges in my car, during lunch, or on the way to somewhere I can drop in for a few hits.  I never felt uncomfortable , but I also dont stand in the middle of the field taking massive divots.  If people show up I just leave.  Usually I will stand outside the fence, find a grass spot and flip some over the chainlink fence, I try to hit close to the front, then as close to the fence, on the other side,  I sometimes try it hit the top rail.  If I...
I am putting on the finishing touches for my 2011 build ....a novara randonee ....have a century ride in August that I need to start working on. Anxious to get some miles in...I get up at 6AM on the weekends to log some seat time....
New Posts  All Forums: