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the one thing he is great at ..is riding that damn bike with his golf bag on!!!!   If it were me that bag would hit a wheel and I would be ass over tincups...ride on Mark!!
Seeing that this is your 1st post and you may never see this again...my advice...dont do it..you will only waste alot of money and end up w a ruined set of Mizunox
Ping Moon Bag
I guess I want to revise my earlier response...if this were my bag.. ...Driver: Walter Hagen (Cheapy) Irons: Powerbilt TPS (Circa 1987)Wedges: Titlest VokeyPutter: Bullseye and some Dunlop POS Ball: Whatever I find (Usually Pinnacles because I shot a 73 with one)     I would let anyone hit them no questions asked.    
I have a few old books that I picked up on Ebay,  I happened to look thru about 7 I happened to have in the car...all measure to the front     front.pdf220k .pdf file    
To me....yes, I have trouble letting a complete stranger/someone who I just met....hit my clubs.   Likelyhood that they would do damage is low..but...I have zero reason to take the risk.  To me..I think it is out of line to request to hit someone elses club.   I wouldnt hit someones club if they offered it to me....I dont want to open that door for something to go wrong.  Strange, dumb, idiotic...all YES.   it is the way I am.    
funny...$14  .......One thing is you have to have the mindset that you like to practice, that you are the best practicer in the entire world....you have to want to be the best short game guy ever, you are a short game guru..you love to play the game around and on the greens...if someone had to pick between tiger woods or you around the greens they would pick you every time and twice at the member member.   You need to keep a written record of what you are doing, almost...
Review some of the basic rules....in detail.    Review how to play fast, golf course care,   
be careful of what you say..you may be on on the streets riding soon
lets be honest..they didnt lose out....they probably still made some profit
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