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 mid eighties if I remember correctly
Dr Feel....
I would say group lessons first, private lessons when you have gained some experience.  Some community colleges/driving ranges  have a series of lessons, these are great to meet others in your situation and allows some time from week to week to practice what was taught.  Our golf bubble does some lessons for 100 yds and in...a great beginner focus.  Enjoy and if you only learn 1 thing it should be...PLAY FAST
I am no pro....I like your set up..good spine angle.  Cant help but think " is that club too short?'  Face looks open to me.....place your thumbnail on the top of your head at set up.....notice how much you dip down at the bottom.  I feel your head cant be held still ...it has to move some..but yours  seems alittle extreme.  If you move that much up and down ...would seem that some will chunk...some will top.  Swing....dont go after it..smooth speed...you cant muscle it....
to me.. ..I think it is too much, the only thing of value is the irons which isnt a complete set (missing the PW) the woods are not really up to modern specs....you can get a set of Big Bertha 1994 or 1996 for about $100...find an SMT driver for about $50, a fairway or hybrid and a putter and you are in business.   Will be interesting to hear other comments
Clearly you are athletic,  it will come to you .....I see from your head on shots...that your front leg seems to be loading about 99% of your weight.  What I think then happens is that there no more weight to bring to the downswing.  I am no golf pro..but in my swing I feel like there is more weight "loading" onto the back leg at the top and that weight transfers down and thru the ball much like a baseball player transfers his weight forward when making a throw from the...
If you were concerned, you could have just put a new already lined ball into play
Are there other options than those 3 ?? I guess a caddy could carry
lightest bag possible.....carry very little, you can restock at the turn.  Have a few snacks and water on hand.  Light light light.....make sure you hit right down the middle
  If your gap is a 49 the question is what is your PW????  Is it a 46 or 49 so in essence you may be carrying 2 clubs the same loft or at least very close.  Find out your PW loft and work out from there 5 degrees for covering the various yardages.  
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