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I rarely go to the range, I do carry a shag bag and wedges in my car and often stop at a baseball field/park/football field to hit shots. 
They might look better if they were tailored....look alittle bit frumpy
better than sitting inside, great if you are planning a golf trip......equipment wise...kinda sucks
to me..your hands start outside the line and then drop in.......and that is a pretty big bucket of balls  Some good moves in there
No one is going to know which of those programs is the best.  The answer is what is best FOR YOU.  Which program seems like the best fit, the greatest challenge, the program that is inline with your interest.  Here is the big test ( which works for football/baseball/basketball to)  If you couldnt complete the PGM program....would you be happy at that institution.  So take golf out of it.....is it still a fit.     PS   it is hear...not here..... and their ....not...
I dont know why he refers to himself as a golf professional, he has never held a job, he was a trust fund baby..he is a golf bum.   Which is like being a bum,,but you have golf.  It is not even a real story
I am sure there are a number of ways...I use a straight line on the ground, a tile, or a board on a wood floor for reference.  I try to line the first groove parallel to that line /crack /reference.  I then sight down the shaft any source of light, a bulb, overhead light and try to align the tab to that..( since the shaft is round the light picks up right in the middle, one of those things that is harder to explain than to show) and work backwards.  For me, when I use...
SO I am concerned already...you say the shafts are at your lengths already...not all hosel depths are the same,  so what is pulled from a club at 36 may work out to be 34.5 or 36.5 in your clubs...then again maybe not.  Club building is fun, not that hard but why spend all that money on a pristine set of Nikes only to fudge it up.  What about swingweight, shaft alignment etc...keep doing your research and I am sure it will be fine.
Lots of people can put clubs together....some just make a better finished product.
New Posts  All Forums: