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Check out YouTube....it is easy...bit there is a learning curve for best results.
Get a business degree, Accounting or management, find some work in the industry to add to your resume,  being a PGA professional in my opinion....can be accomplished down the road if you need to....Most club managers I have met were not giving golf lessons on the practice tee.  In todays golf business environment, it is about the bottom line, who would know that better than an accountant.
I guess I am not understanding, you want to be a pro/director of golf..or a food and beverage guy??   Or someone who is s a business manager for a tour player??
it is ok....sounds like a good plan
Dont buy the club
someone stole your fireplace
Why would you want to limit yourself to the offerings of only ONE manufacturer?  mosayswhat?
Well...let this be your lesson not to do everything someone tells you.  You should have tried choking down for a while and if that felt good then you could go ahead and cut them down AFTER you proved that you liked shorted clubs.   Well since you seem to like to do it your self you can always put shaft extensions in if you want to go back to original length.  At your skill level..make changes slowly...and for heavens sake NEVER listen to salesmen!!
craftsmanship looks good, sounds like you put some care into it...I guess I am not thrilled with the color combo...and matching your bag....I have to see a picture of the bag!!!   The best thing is,....they are YOURs not mine...enjoy your sticks
I am with you the 55 had better lines, fatter and looked "badder" than the 57
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