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How about a winter focused on Yoga and really working the core!!!  Strong,Quick, loose muscles and a strong core to open  up the spring season.  Momentus heavy club  along with some putting on carpet and maybe a few chips  per day.   Try the super slow swing, the one that takes 1:30  to complete.   Read a few books and prepare mentally.,
Your neighbors dislike you.    "there he is hitting golf balls at our house again!!!"     Grip is pretty strong, ball too far forward, loss of balance at the end....and your pajamas are getting dirty   Need to bend more in the knees ( more like sitting in a chair) and flatten that back... shoulders back!
Play more competitions
Just the "style" the past few years...10 years ago NO ONE would have asked to have it done it this way.  Some how the fad has caught a wave of momentum...in a few years it will be gone.  If it mattered people would buy only plain black grips...which they dont...they want to emulate the tour players.
Fairly collectible...sell for $50 + on Ebay...steel shaft surrounded by wood
Look for a wool throw rug, great for making full swings, and if large enough good for putting practice
I prefer to chip with 9-pw-52 it removes any checking from the equation.
Check out this local "league" It is a traveling club....maybe you could mimick this model and create your own . www.pgtgolf.com
I have a used original bag shag..if you have any interest....let me know
Look into the GCU Greek Catholic Union of the U.S.A. A Fraternal Benefit Society 5400 Tuscarawas Road Beaver PA, 15009 Phone: 1-800-722-4428 Fax: 1-724-495-3421 Email: info@gcuusa.com they own Seven Oaks Country club. If you put I think $300 into a bond you can play 3 times per year for free ( pay cart fees of $21 ) you can also bring guest and pay their way, and dine in the dining room and be sent a bill. After you play your 3 times you can continue to go out and...
New Posts  All Forums: