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Here is my reason for asking....great course in my area has amazing short game area with 3 putting greens and 60 yard and in w bunker short game area. They may build a full range in the future but now it is just a cage. I am not a range rat but since I have dedicated my self to putting and chipping mainly it has made a huge difference. Could you live with essentially a warm up cage if you felt the short game area and course were worth it?
If you were designing an ideal facility....If you had to choose on whats more important a great full driving range facility and a somewhat serviceable short game area or a somewhat serviceable driving range and great short game area?  Don't say both because that's obvious.
The US AM was for private club members up till the late 70s.  So the PubLinx was neccesary as far back as the 20s.  It has been a defacto NCAA event for the longest time.  99% of top college programs and players have very nice private club privledges 3/4 of the year and some are manipulating the rules to play and have a path to the Masters.  Keep in mind these are top amatuers...the next big thing types not muni hustlers.  I recall growing up in SoCal playing against...
Cats way out of the bag on anchoring the putter.  This was an argument for the mid 80s.  I think Mike Davis knows that he is too far behind the 8 ball on this one.  A few things to consider;   1.  The fact it has been around for way too long (oh yeah, the Al Gore of Golf, Johnny Miller, said he invented it in the 70s) 2.  Manufacturers are making a killing off it (the grooves issue was a joke and the USGA lost that one as the players adapted to a non-issue and only...
We Ko Pa Cholla is awesome, Saguaro is overated...also check Kierland.  good courses
I am interested in seeing more of your cross pics!.....but golf in the "normal" obsession right?
resurrecting an old thread here...but when you say "serious" amateur you could be looking at some of the collegiate am circuits, the mid-am/senior am (AKA cocktail circuit), or the private club top player am circuit.  The collegiates might have some subsidized entries and travel but it is big money for the parents usually (i include top notch junior, ajga type, in this area).  The mid-am/senior circuit is where the biggest cost is.  These are the best of the best who...
I work right up the street and drive by it every day.  I play Tijeras and love Ted Robinson courses.  Let me know if you need a 4th and i would be happy to join you.
I graduated with Resort and Lodging Mgmt major and in interviews all I could talk about was golf.  I started sending resumes to courses explaining my background and career ambitions.  The way to get into golf management is to become an assistant...which means you start where you start...shop, outside services,whatever.....Work your way into the PGA GPTP and get going. Hopefully you have a course that will support you educationally and financially through the program. ...
Perfect example is Hunter Mahan...dude chili dipped on the biggest stage in golf....when asked about it he said he would die to be in the same situation again. Would he enjoy rolling up to the muni and joining three randoms for a non-competitive game? maybe, maybe not...but his "enjoyment" is obviously being in the shot with the whole deal on the line.
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