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Gary Mc Cord and Mac O'Grady Clinic from Steve Patterson Golf on Vimeo.
Jonathan Byrd from the McGladrey  
 Right now as a novice golfer I think it's fine to play a "straight" shot. Heck, just go out there and have fun. If you're fading the ball on the range when you're warming up, then play the fade that day. As a novice you'll see more improvement working on pieces that'll allow you to hit the ball more solid than concerning yourself with "working" the ball. You can stop reading my post or check out the next part  Long term/as you get better you should develop a pattern. Even...
 LOL This is funny as well 
I guess ball striking is important    (Three posts away from 10K)
 Great to hear!
 I attend several tour events a year and get to go inside the ropes. Erik is right with what he says below. I know it may feel like we're ganging up on you a bit but this is an important point to grasp.  Speaking of Rory ​  
 You might see some guys put in a 4/5 iron, Brian Gay plays a SpeedBladz 4 iron but here's a few reasons why you won't see tour players playing this set: - It's not an iron they can hit different trajectories. Pros typically launch their long irons high and "flight" their shorter irons. These irons are designed to get the ball UP in the air.- They need to be very precise with their distance control. The BB's "hot" faces aren't going to be consistent enough for the pros. -...
 And how many of those putts are tap-ins?    What these guys said. What separates a single digit from the average player is their ball striking.
 Erik covered this pretty thoroughly, I'll just add another example. Remember the the RocketBallz fairway woods and how they went further than most fairways on the market? They didn't fudge with loft or length (if anything they made the lofts weaker), they made the faces more flexible, more trampoline effect. Callaway has added that technology into these irons, not to the same extent because they're irons and not woods but it helps increase ball speed. The other stuff...
New Posts  All Forums: