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 You don't have to practice exactly like this to be a Stupid Monkey. You just don't want to go to the range and "try a bunch of stuff out" or change what you're working on based on results (kind of like this guy did). Like @CarlSpackler said, listen to your instructor and avoid self diagnosing yourself. 
 Yeah you're not going to fix it on one range session, it's going to take some time, just have to stick with it. And it's going to feel terrible at first, that's how you know you're making it change. Check this out  ​ 
 Noted    They've made a variety of irons in the past but yes most of the designs have been forged "players" irons. Basically for 12 handicaps and below. With the J40's they had the CB's and Pocket Cavity's, similar to what Mizuno has with the MP 64 and MP 54 irons.
 Similar to what Lexi Thompson, Brian Harmon, Mike Weir, Chris DiMarco, Rickie Fowler do, they rehearse a piece or feel on the takeaway. For me right now it's a feel I have from A1-3, it changes depending on what I'm working on. 
Here's his full statement  Yeah earlier in the year I was hearing rumors that he has a cocaine problem.
 Being a Stupid Monkey is more about "doing" than "figuring something out". So if you're working on your grip, be specific with what your goal is, "I'm working on making sure the grip lies in my fingers and not the palm" and make sure you do it every time. Here is a good Stupid Monkey example 
Yeah I would still recommend trying to change this picture  
New poll idea   Will Tiger win his 15th major before or after he shaves his head? 
 @iacas is going to build a time machine later this afternoon and set up a match between 2000 Tiger and 1972 Jack
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