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My score was a 40   Some of the questions were poorly formed   1. I work on my priority piece so I voted on "What I'm Lousy at" but I could have also gone with "Play it by ear". I might spot something weird I'm doing with my stance or grip and spend a little time correcting that.   3. Oh course it's realistic, just watch me play    5. How can you win matches "pretty often" after being WAY down? Just doesn't make sense. I don't care how much grit you have, if you're...
 I'm happy they voted No, it restores some certainty in the UK's economic recovery.  The financial markets in London would have gone into freefall, the UK is the world’s sixth largest economy, obviously that would have effected Wall Street.
Interesting bit about his opinion of tour officials   http://www.geoffshackelford.com/homepage/2014/9/17/mia-files-anthony-kim-wrestles-with-playingor-cashing-out.html From his SI story previewing the Ryder Cup, where Kim was such a huge American figure in 2008. In some circles, Kim has become golf's Voldemort -- a name that dare not be spoken. According to Knost, Kim played a casual round this spring with journeyman Casey Wittenberg. Approached at a Web.com event in...
 Just get the chin closer to your chest. Notice the torso/backs look the similar, just need to tilt the head down so the center of the eyes are looking at the ball.  BTW this looks pretty good for a 52 handicap!  
 That guy is pretty rare. Most high handicappers hit it on the short side, poor mechanics equals less distance.
 Agree with @iacas, getting some better views will really help us. 
 No, knee flex at address looks fine.
 Does your back hurt now? I think you're just a flexible dude, if it doesn't hurt now you should be fine. Also it looks like your knee still decreases in flex somewhat, we don't want it to lose all it's flex. BTW your tailbone is too far behind you at address  ​   I moved it from the Myth thread to this one
New Posts  All Forums: