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 Good stuff
 I wouldn't recommend uploading every week, it's just too often and you can't change things enough in just one week. It's not the best use the instructor's or your time. The option to upload every week is there in case you're really confused or the instructor wants to make a small adjustment and suggests you upload within a week to see how it changes things. Most of the time you should upload when you feel like you've made the picture change. Since this is your first one I...
 And you can keep lowering those scores. Stay focused on your pieces and finish the LSW book 
   Ok back on topic please 
Site Awards for September 2014       Here are the performance awards for the month of September 2014:   The winner of "Rookie of the Month" is the member(s) who registered within the previous 60 days and achieved the most reputation points during the month! Congratulations goes out to @pullfade!     The winners of the "Reviewer of the Month" award goes to the members who posted the most reviews in the calendar month. The Reviewers of the Month award goes to...
 Off Topic:This is the thread I was thinking of when I made my post. There are scratch golfers with terrible mental games, I knew several of them growing up.   ​ 
 ? The golf swing is like 2 seconds long
 Seems like it, sucks for him and his "legacy".   I'd love to hear Azinger's side of the story on this one.  Yep, what a lot of guys on here have been saying, my point of view has definitely changed from my initial reaction. I do like what Phil had to say and think it will help things, I just didn't like that he indirectly threw Watson under the bus. His comments after his round were a calculated move to fuel the fire at the team press conference. To me that's a...
 Those are good ones. I'll add one, you're a non-golfer if you think your mental game is holding you back from being a scratch golfer.
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