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This past Monday I caddied for mini tour player Matt Synder in a Monday qualifier for the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open. Matt lives in Vegas, plays on the eGolf Tour and his instructor is a friend of mine, Mario Bevilacqua (also based in Vegas).   Matt had made it through the pre-qualifier and something came up with Matt's regular caddie so Mario called me and wanted to see if I could caddie for the day. I was going to be in Vegas anyway to take pics and videos of...
 Work on improving your mechanics. Check out those links I provided. With good, consistent contact comes distance control. 
 You don't even need the foam ball, just use that feel.
 Will feel something like this 
 It can yes. The purpose of the backswing is to put yourself in a position to make a decent downswing. Your backswing is affecting your ability to do that. The way the clubs loads on the backswing is causing you to rely too much on timing things perfectly on the downswing.
 I think it's better to check the lie angles by drawing a vertical line on the ball rather than hitting off a lie board.  This is actually a great example of how a player's positions don't change from swing to swing. Even though one shot was good and the other wasn't, the picture is almost exactly the same. Might have to steal this for a future thread. A lot of golfers assume that their good shots looks completely different than their bad shots, not the case. I would agree...
 Yes, definitely agree. Good thing I had my binoculars nearby  @georgeadey92 check this out http://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing
The way the shaft loads on the backswing is going to give you some issues. You go "shallow to steep" when you want to go "steep to shallow".     On the backswing you want to have the shaft pointing just inside the ball to allow it to shallow out on the downswing so it points slightly outside the ball. You'll have much better control of the path and the face.   Here's how I would practice this. At home grab a club and get into your golf set-up with your tailbone...
 Yes   ​   ​ 
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