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 Just responded to your PM but I'll ask basically the same questions. If you're swinging at 128mph, you definitely need a stiffer shaft. Any idea what your angle of attack is? The guy told you that a launch angle of 9 degrees was too high (10-15 yards)?
 Yeah that feel typically doesn't work, have never recommended it to a student. "Lag happens".
 Yeah, gotta fold or "soften" that right arm.  Here's a feel for it. Just watch from 2:41-2:51  
Occasionally I'll hold a club overhead for a stretch and do a few toe touches. Here's what I do before a round.   - Start with pitch shots. - After a few pitches I make some 3/4 wedge swings. This is all I really need to "get warm". - Then start making full swings with my 8 iron.   If there isn't time to hit any balls  I make some medium speed swings with a 6 iron and driver.
  I think you need to hit a lot of shots doing the drill. Put a tee or glove in that right arm pit and hit all your shots with it in there. Heck you can even go play like that (not a competitive round).
x5 Bench press 135, 185, 165, 155, 155 Crunches Pull-ups Chin Ups Kettlebell flys   And KB class.
 Yeah if you're hitting it in the center there is no reason to slow down. Don't overthink it 
Good Will Hunting gets a birdie. Lots of great scenes and Robin Williams was awesome. My favorite scene was towards the end between Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, when Chuckie tells Will about the best ten seconds of his day.
Lexi Thompson  
 I got down to 167, and I'm now 176. I'm probably going to gain a couple more pounds and then get back on the diet in mid February.
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