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 That and you're more aware of your misses.
 Haha, I've definitely gotten "caught" working on my golf swing in bathroom mirrors.  
 This is exactly what I do.
Welcome!   I posted in your swing thread, you've gotten some good advice so far, good luck and great to have you.
 I'm not speaking to any specific piece, just giving you my take on how to go about taking lessons/making changes in general.
 It's better. To really exaggerate it feel like the head moves a little right and that the hips move towards the target on the backswing. Feel like the chest stays "flexed over" and points towards the ground on the backswing. More "Zach Johnson" on the backswing.  
 Yeah that's why I tend to think of them more as "contact points" than pressure points, the "points" don't always have to be active. Left arm is a pressure point per TGM because it relates to PA #4.  With Mac there are something like 16 pressure points in the right hand and 19 in the left. But he's crazy so....
 Agree with this post, get the weight more centered (might feel like it's toward the toes) and get the eyes down.   ​     And disagree with this part and the video. 
Be careful not to get caught in the trap of getting too many opinions and bouncing around between pieces. Believe me, I've been there and it didn't help my game at all. Also just because something doesn't result in better shots right away doesn't mean that it's wrong. Your brain/sequencing might just need time to "catch up" with what you're doing.    I'd personally recommend sticking with Dan over Mogg
 @GreatestGolfers, have you seen this thread?  ​  To answer your question, to be the undisputed GOAT, not challenged or questioned, he would have to win 19 majors because too many people think 18 is the golden number and don't consider strength of field (or they do do and think it was stronger in Jack's day).
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