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Filmed a video for you, will upload it tomorrow.
 I've heard Tiger say that several times.
 Yep. If it feels "normal" right away you aren't changing the picture enough. Seems like you are on the right track @l3rewski 
Ok guys, here's the best golf tip I've ever received.  
Welcome!  If you have any questions about using the site, check out our "Using the Site" section, and Little Things New Users can learn.     Here are some great threads to get started and familiar with The Sand Trap   "What do you Do for a Living?" thread. "What'd You Shoot Today?" Reviews  "New Posts" page, too. Swing Thoughts So You Joined TST and Posted a Member Swing Thread…  Want to follow some bright people and some awesome members? Check out this article....
 Please check out the thread @cipher posted.  Few more posts to check...
 Yes he's basically describing the knee linkage without talking about the knees changing flexion.
 The head is just reacting the the way the body is working. The head moving away from the line on the downswing isn't all that bad, no one keeps it perfectly there, the best players have it come off around A5.5-7. I wouldn't say the head movement is "a lot". On the backswing the head is still steady but you'll notice it only moves towards the end of the backswing. You kind of fall back a bit, the arms keep swinging back and the shaft gets across the line. Which is why I...
 The silver is replacing the green.  The 915 launches slightly higher than the 913 and spins less. I would go with the same loft as you would with the 913, you can always adjust it down.
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