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I wouldn't play it farther back than middle of the stance. I'm similar to @billchao, I play my gap and sand wedge about a ball back of my short irons, which is just forward of the middle of my stance.    Easiest way to "flight" a wedge is to make a shorter backswing and a shorter followthrough (than full swing). Going to feel like the arms are straighter into the followthrough and that you re-hinge the club at a slower rate.  
 76% of your time spent on bunker play, chipping and putting with 0 % spent on driver. Yep, that'll work 
 Yep that's better. Note how the torso is more angled compared to the pic in your avatar. Would also recommend you work on the ankle/right heel not lifting piece. Nice work! 
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Played 18 today. Had a good warmup session.
Recently had to deal with some slow play. The slow pace was more due to the players being unaware of their surroundings than taking too many practice swings or standing over the ball for too long. They weren't ready to play when it was their turn and they "hung out" after they hit. I wouldn't consider myself a fast player but I'm always on the move after I hit a shot. Also when someone else is hitting I've already got my club in my hand and starting my routine (except when...
Congrats to @Big C for winning the closest to the hole on #13 and a dozen Pro V1's. a   And to the red/salmon team for winning the day. Nice playing @Ringworld, @RyMerritt and @Shindig!   1st hole, tough tee shot         @RyMerritt made this for birdie and a net eagle!   @Ringworld on #13   @Shindig     Nice looking swing here, must be a good player    Hole #14 where we should have had the closest to the hole   
I'd play the ball more forward and work on keeping the hips centered.    ​   ​      When the hips slide back it makes it hard to get the weight far enough forward on the downswing. Improving the pivot will help you start to clean this up and get rid of those pull hooks.  
 Check this out. Also when you post pics just put them all in one post.  
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