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 Please do and let us know how it goes.  Read this post. Basically don't determine distance by how much you "hit" the putt, determine it by the length of your backstroke. Try your best to make the backstroke and followthrough the same length, more pendulum like.  ​ 
 But with chipping you have to account for the lie, determining how the ball will react when it lands and controlling how far to carry it. You also have to hit it relatively solid. You can stub or thin a chip, can't really do that with a putt. With a putt you're just rolling the ball along the ground. If I gave you 10 balls from each spot, I'd be very, very surprised if you averaged closer to the hole with the 10 balls you chipped.
Assuming both shots have similar break/slope and speed I'm definitely going with the putt. "Worst putt is as good as your best chip" type of thing. More variables with the chip than with a putt.
Maybe Medalist has a Par 3 course 
66 worst ball is crazy, crazy good. http://uk.businessinsider.com/tiger-woods-shot-66-at-medalist-before-masters-2015-3?r=US
The Shell Houston Open will be played at the Golf Club of Houston (Tournament course) in Humble, Texas. It’s the last tournament before the Masters, and the last hope for golfers to gain entry into the year’s first major with a win. The field this week includes Jordan Spieth, who’s currently ranked No. 4 in the Official World Golf Rankings, Sergio Garcia (No. 8), Jimmy Walker (No. 10), who won last week at the Valero Texas Open, Justin Rose (No. 11), Rickie Fowler (No....
Putting is easy, even for Grandma      
Maybe she likes him better with a belly. http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/jason-amanda-dufner-getting-divorce 
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