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 Probably not. Your good and bad swings are going to be pretty similar.  ​ 
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 But your irons/ability to hit 10 greens is what allows you to be a 9, even with substandard putting. Think if it was the opposite. What if you were a crappy ballstriker (2-4 GIR, 1-2 drives OB/water) but putted as well as Brad Faxon? No chance you would be a 9 handicap.
 Agree.  I also voted for Nassau.
 Good things can happen when golfers are open minded 
Okay guys, let's stick to the topic please.
 The equipment isn't going to hold you back from being able to hit a draw, it's more of your technique. Check this out.  ​ 
Welcome to the site. I'd like to see you get your weight further forward on the downswing, this will lessen your flip and help you hit it more solid. Few resources to help.    ​   
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