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 Do you remember how many greens McDowell hit when you played with him? 
 Hi welcome to the site. So you hit your 3 wood farther off the deck than off a tee?
 Do you have any idea what your angle of attack is? If it's negative, then this could be the problem.  ​ 
 Sorry I don't. Evolvr would be a good way to go http://evolvr.thegolfevolution.com/
Personally I prefer the XHot. Shape reminds of the old GBB fairway woods and it's pretty easy to hit. G20 is good as well, both designed with similar performance characteristics. XHot has a deeper face, G20 is more shallow, just depends on what look you like at address.
 Yeah head is moving a little forward, tough to say what is really going on because you're not hitting a ball. Head going forward could be a compensation for the head being a little back at address, kind of a re-centering move. DTL posture looks better, just get the weight centered, will feel like you're more on your toes.
Bubba will always cry  
Yeah good chance the weight is going back, left knee is straightening too soon. Almost need to feel like you set up with a little weight left and pivot around that left leg.   Notice how the left knee stays "soft" on the followthrough as the hips keep turning. Hips don't back up.        
 Hi @drewfus813, I moved your post to another thread, lots of good information was shared earlier. Can't say for sure why you come over the top, could be a backswing issue, could be a downswing issue. More than likely it's going to be a Key 1 or 2 fix.  ​  Like @boogielicious said, post a swing herehttp://thesandtrap.com/f/4180/member-swings 
 67, feels like a loooong time ago lol
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