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Low single digit, here's an example of some scores   http://www.ncaa.com/news/golf-men/article/2014-04-19/top-ranked-illinois-wesleyan-wins-third-consecutive-cciw-title
I would not trust the spin numbers either. Best to go with a FlightScope or Trackman.
I went to the University of San Francisco, some pretty good golf in that area    Obviously lots of good golf all year around in Arizona, Texas, Florida, South Carolina.
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 Just to clarify, you're saying that the fields as a whole are weaker now (late 90's to now) than they were in the 60's-80's? 
If you just palmar flex then you're not at impact (like @iacas demonstrated), the shaft is close to parallel to the ground and well inside the hands. Face would be closed to the path, not open.
I voted no.   I don't see how reducing the green speeds, let's say making greens a 6/7, is going to really speed up play. Most golfers aren't playing greens over 10, IMO most are playing 8 or 9.    The slow golfers I see are slow because they don't play ready golf and take too many practice swings.
Seems very odd that you were getting those numbers with a positive angle of attack, heck even with a negative AoA that's a lot of spin. Something is off here. 
 Yes most people in the golf business don't get to play a lot of golf.
3rd hole   Rare clear day in Daly City
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