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If a major manufacturer offered a non-conforming driver that promised an extra 10,15, 20 yards, would you put it in your bag?
 Which one?
 Generally no, the right knee releasing some flex helps the hips turn and turn at an angle. ​  If you're talking about completely straightening then that is something to address. If your hips slide to your right instead of turning (can sometimes "straighten" the rear knee) then yes that can cause you to swing more left.
 Looks pretty similar with a higher left arm and slightly longer swing. Arms also seem less deep at A2-3 which I think is a good thing. Almost a hybrid between the Foley and Harmon swings. Look forward to seeing it with better camera angles   TW15 
 I lived on Vancouver Island (city of Victoria) for 3 years and it would typically snow once and melt away within a few days to a week. Worst we ever got was close to a foot and that lasted two weeks. Weather is basically the same as Seattle.
 Well it's not a Key so..... I assume you're talking about the forearms. It's not something that we talk about much because you're going to pronate and supinate whether you want to or not, there are typically more important things to focus on. And the rate that the forearms or hands rotate is usually a result of something else. With certain player feeling like they "rev the motorcycle" or bow the lead wrist on the downswing helps if they tend to cup their lead wrist on the...
 I think March.
Barbell rows 5x5 185, overhand and under Tire Flips Hammer Swings 30 on each side, the 20 Bench 1 rep at 185, then a couple max sets at 135   Kettlebell class  
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