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 Possibly. I didn't have any issues with the round today (except for that one hole you saw) and I had it turned on when I was on the practice green. For the round yesterday at Little Mill I didn't turn it on until the I got to the first tee. Might have done the same thing at Lawrence Park, don't remember exactly. Here is today's round, course was wet but fun to play. http://www.gamegolf.com/round/86380
 Notes- Right ear slightly closer to your right shoulder. Not so close that they are almost touching.- Eye line points slightly right if viewed from overhead.- Keep doing the A1-2 waggle with the palm of the right hand facing the ground.- For the pulls, start feeling like you "push" the ball, the set-up stuff with help.   
 Should have been left shoulder down and to the center or something like that.  Again the issue can't be fixed with a feel or thought on the downswing, @DaveST's head goes down and forward excessively so the wrists dumping early is just a reaction to that.
Hi welcome to the site and welcome to the game of golf! I would take a look at this thread on posture and work on that first. You need to bend over more, stick your butt out. Some golfers overdo sticking the butt out but you need more of it. So bend a little more from the waist and allow the head to "hang" down. All explained in the thread    ​ 
Hmmm, tried to upload my round from today at Little Mill (New Jersey) and got the same geofencing error I did when I played Lawrence Park. I've contacted them about it.
My TRUE gents were mistaken for Footjoy Icon's today 
Great pics, thanks to everyone for attending! 
 Yes that one is better with Key #3 but your first priority is focusing on Key #1 Steady Head. The amount your head moves down and forward (less forward in the recent video) is going to cause some issues. You need to "load" less into your lead side on the backswing, pivot needs to be centered.
@Jakester23, nice job with A2, looks much better.  Good to hear contact is better as well. Do the misses tend to be pulls?   I'll get something to you today or tomorrow.
 Was able to edit and sign for the round today except they had the flag in the middle of the green on every hole. @iacas had the same issue and when we tried to move the flag we got an error message. No problem editing the other stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: