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Thank you for the feedback! Are your comments based on the first videos at the beginning of the thread or the ones I just posted? Do you see a difference in them? Thanks again!
  I've been Playing Golf for:​ 12 years My current handicap index or average score is: 7.6 My typical ball flight is: High/ Slight fade or draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Pull left   Finally got some new videos this weekend. Working on a few things, biggest issue as mentioned above is tendency to pull the ball left. It isn't so much a hook, but straight left. Working on getting closer to the ball at address, and picking...
I live in Maryland and, Mother Nature willing, I usually play throughout the winter barring heavy snow. As long as it is at least 40° I am fine with throwing on my thermal mock and winter hat and heading out for a good walk!    It's actually pretty nice then, too, as most courses are just about empty and you can really fly through.
Set a new personal best yesterday at the home course with a two over par 74. One bogey and one birdie on the front and two bogeys on the back. I really wasn't hitting my irons very well but the chipping and putting were pretty good, particularly my lags. Had several long putts that I was able to roll up close to keep it to a two-putt. No three-putts on the card along with 5 one-putts. 
Nice, thanks!!    
+1 for the True Linkswear. I have had mine for this season and walked probably 15-20 rounds in them. They are SO comfortable. As another poster commented, they are like walking in your house slippers. I have not had any durability issues. I also really like that I can wear them before and after the round so no time spent changing shoes. Just jump in the car and go!   The only two (minor) issues I can report are that you will feel things a little more when you step on...
Hey, thanks for the tip Mackless! It does work. I swear it even says on their website that it only works on Iphone. Oh well... glad I said something!   I haven't found it to be too slow with the yardage update. Maybe it is just the different ROM/Kernel combo I am using... not sure. 
Wow, talk about similar... lol. I also shot 81 yesterday (39/42) and blew up on 16. I sliced my drive right into the tree line. However, it really wasn't a bad lie and I had a view of the green AND was only 90 yards out. However, I got too risky on my second shot and clipped a tree which knocked my ball down about 65 yards out. Still not too bad, and now in decent shape, I proceed to chunk my third shot into a GS bunker. On in four, two-putt double bogey. Only double on...
I have now used the Golfshot GPS twice and I have to say I REALLY like it. Glad I decided not to renew my Skycaddie. It seems to be within a yard or two accuracy-wise and the statistics are awesome. I like that it emails you the scorecard and stats after every round, too. Battery drain was not an issue (I am using a rooted Droid Incredible with the stock battery). I think I started with 96% battery and ended with 60-something. Not bad for just over four hours of nearly...
Decided to try out Golfshot GPS rather than renew my SkyCaddie membership. Going to try it out for the first time this afternoon at my home course. I was using SkyDroid and it's "ok" but doesn't have scoring, etc. Golfshot was $30 but, it's one time vs. every year with SC.      We'll see....hoping it works as well as it has been reviewed. 
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