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How are you liking the new blades?  
Hopefully I can get one soon and let you know.
  Just received my 20.5 M3 mashie last Friday and played it Sunday. I love this thing! Extremely easy to hit out of long wet rough and super easy off the fairway. I ended up using this instead of my # wood and driver. I was averaging about 185-195 yards with a slight fade.       Has anyone used the M1 (15 deg) mashie yet? I am seriously thinking of replacing other clubs with these.
Bringing a nice draw or fade into the green is what also helps the ball to roll sideways on the green torwards the pin.
I purchased wedges from gigagolf and like them alot.
If Tiger and Phil didn't do this, they wouldn't be half as good as they are. Their "save' shots are the only reason they are staying so hi in the world rankings    
I don't know what some of these people are doing to make grip install such a nightmare. I am glad more people are finding out how easy it is. PURE grips is the easiest grip to install. all you need is a small air compressor. Shaft install's aren't hard either if you are somewhat decent with tools. 
I was just looking at a pair of those sketchers this weekend. I am heading to the Seattle Golf show this Saturday to see what I can find. Hoping for some deals but I am prepared to spend the money if I need too to get a great oair.
Okay, thanks. I guess my biggest thing is to not be a clone. I don't mind no name quality suff either, just can't get myself to like the "zing" clubs and such LOL  
Although I like Breed, I like that Martin isn't zooming through subjects as fast as Breed. I did notice in the last episode, he said you had to get your weight stacked on your forward leg. I like his teaching, but man I wonder if he feels as awkward as he looks in front of the camera. It must be nerves.
New Posts  All Forums: