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What about the Swingyde? I just got one a couple days ago. Seems to work pretty good for me. It's helping my kids get a better feel for a better swing. Not affiliated with them btw.
I haven't watched golf on TV for quite a few years but I did watch The Masters last week. What's up with those fans who scream "Get In The Hole" ? Most people cheer when a putt drops, or say 'awww' when it just misses, but then there are those people who are screaming at the ball while it is in motion. Anyone else think this behavior is a little odd and annoying?
I just got back into golf after a long time away so I was in a similar situation as you. I researched a lot online, including GolfDigest.com, GolfGalaxy.com, this forum, etc. I came up with a list of clubs that were in my price range and began to narrow down the choices. I have a Golf Galaxy in town so I spent a lot of time over the course of a few weeks hitting with different clubs in their simulator room. I thought I knew for sure which clubs I wanted before I even swung...
Jon K, I see you're from Milwaukee so I assume you went to the Golf Galaxy on 76th & Layton? I purchased a set of clubs a few weeks back from there and signed up for the advantage club. Checking online it shows I earned a little over 1000 points. At 900 points they automatically cashed out and sent me a $30 gift certificate, which I received today. When I get up to 300 points I assume they will cash that out and send me a $10 certificate. It took over 2 weeks before...
I played at Muskego Lakes CC.
You get 20 courses for $80 ($4 per course). Ten courses is $60. The more you buy the less each course costs. I just played my first round with a uPro and it worked quite well. I just wish it could keep score for me as well.
So I want to the driving range and hit 100 balls the night before I played 18 holes of golf. For the last 15 or 20 shots at the range I was working on hitting my drives harder - much harder then I normally hit. That night I had some pain in my rib cage, maybe 2 inches below my right nipple. I took ibuprofen that night and the next morning before playing the 18 holes. From the 10th hole onward, my rib pain got steadily worse and wrapped around my right side into...
First round of the year and first round in a decade. Shot a 107 and have a few things to work on: 1) I three-putted a couple times. My aim was good but my distance was a little too hard at times. Bounced over the cup twice. 2) Hit several fat shots from the fairway. I know I'm dropping my right shoulder and trying to lift the ball. 3) Hooked my 3W from the tee twice. Never did that before. 4) I lost 2 in the water. Pushed a tee shot on 1 and hit another fat from a...
Are you able to record your swing? That will show what you are doing different. When I hit em fat it's because I slide my hip toward the target and my right should drops.
anyone else able to get veetle to work? I just crashes my web browsers - Firefox, IE, and Chrome.
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