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pressure left/upper right arm connect.... arms straight/extend and pivot
starting the downsing doesn't start with a turning of the hips or core.... you must start with putting more pressure into the lead foot while the hands drop to p6, this will start giving you proper secondary axis tilt... from there you will start turning and extending upto the finish
Nice... love sportsmans when its summer time, greens are fast and course plays pretty difficult... i played Buffalo Grove on Sunday... greens were bumpy as hell.. ended up shooting 4 over
Which one would you wanna meet up at... i try to stay away from diversey cause of the crappy mats... i usually goto skokie or Des Plaines golf center
i would try to focus on what your knees are doing, since they are components in how the hips turn properly in the backswing, downswing in the follow through.  Assuming your feet are both flared at address your lead knee will flex toward the toes while the trail knee straightens, it will feel like the trail hip is turning behind you to give room for the arms to travel on the downswing
Hey Clearwater i'll be hitting up the driving range tonight if you want some help with the swing for the weekend.. would be cool to meet some of the members from the forum
Skokie guy here... would definitly be down for a get together... anyone on here wanna start a 4 some that plays on the weekend... with my hospital job im limited to play on the weekends in the morning
i beileve eric is trying to keep the pressures in his hand constant... usually someone who over swing losses some or all pressures in the hand going to the top
i did the same for my swing but for me its keeping the rate of the accumulators releasing and the hips moving forward constant... i tend to move the hips forward to fast and having no chance to release the accumulators
mdb... usually when i hit hosel rockets i don't stand up/extend on the follow threw give that a try
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