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Make sure your leading with your hands/grip through the ball.
Learn the game backwards.   Watch the club head hit the ball.
Get yourself a handicap and enter your clubs comps/tournaments/ first, it's a lot different that social golf.  
Stop shouting :) 
One thing that worked for me and still does is to lead the grip/hands through the ball first. That way you can't cast the club.
Did you have to pay good money to enter ? if so you deserve the right to play by the same rules. I would not be happy.
Start a thread in the Members Swing section.
I see a lot of young people putting pressure on themselves to do well in comps and when they don't they beat themselves up, when they hit a poor shot they beat themselves up. This game is very difficult it's no wonder there is so much written about it by so many experts. As has been suggested don't forget to enjoy yourself, see the game and your development as an adventure.You will get more bad days than good if you become super critical of yourself and your ability or...
Sorry just re-read the OP.
Do you mean Harvey Penick's Little Red Book ?
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