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You seem like a mature young person who is asking themselves what I would say are all the right questions. You say you feel that you have missed out on a lot of experience by not taking the game up sooner then you say you are 14 yrs old. I wish I had taken to game up at your age and I am sure that a lot  of people on here will say the same. Look at it as a journey this is you setting out on a adventure you have a destination in mind and you have set out how your going to...
Maybe he's had to much to soon, very difficult to compete when your not physically up to it. the lads still growing things are changing for him. You sound like your doing the right things for him, only thing I would say is don't push to hard. As a junior organiser I saw young lads make great strides with their game then come to a standstill for a while  many times that's what they do. Good Luck.    
Not sure that the numbers add up, but as long as your enjoying yourself.
I saw the SLDR iron in our pro shop they reminded me of my ap2 s they have the kbs tour 90 shafts in as standard.
Here in the uk the number of people that smoke has declined dramatically . I hardly see anyone smoking out on the courses I play, and you can count on your hand the number of people who leave the bar to go outside to smoke. I have never seen anyone chew tobacco it just does not happen here.
Not advice as such but have a look on youtube for Mo Norman, he used a palm based grip and he was one of the straightest hitters of a golf ball. 
You need to set up for the driver somewhat different to the irons, try moving the ball forward (towards the target) opposite you left heal. drop the right shoulder an inch or so. Lots to learn good luck. Maybe try a lesion from a pro like you did with tennis?
At your currant level I would play it as an easy par 5. don't put yourself under pressure to par it every time.  
Make sure your leading with your hands/grip through the ball.
Learn the game backwards.   Watch the club head hit the ball.
New Posts  All Forums: