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  I play the Srixon Soft (14 index) and by far the best value around.,.think the're $20/box now (even the new version).  They feel pretty darn soft and better (cheaper) than the Titleist Velocity..and I like that green arrow pointer.  I think their close to 90 compression..probably why they feel soft.  
  Cool!  Verizon was offering me $130 for it as credit.  I was speaking another friend and he said NO WAY..and if I can still download songs/apps then that will be awesome.  I'd like to use it as a golf GPS, but that, I heard, requires cellular/wireless serivce..right? 
I was thinking that you could still download apps/songs via the wi-fi in the house or wherever that has free wi-fi..no? 
Will the iPhone be able to operate as a iPod and gaming device without cellular/wireless service?  I am still interested in downloading apps and songs into the iPhone, but will it work without wireless service? 
Wow, I bet you get a nice signal with all that metal..no?
  Smart move..I cut the cord last year.  At first, I was extremely hesitant as I would miss the GC and some other shows.  In reality, I really didn't watch either of them on a regular basis.  I got rid of my cable (still have internet service though..obviously).  I have kids too, 9 and 7, but they weren't into TV also.  We have a ROKU player and they get enough entertainment out of that with Netflix.  When the golf season kicks off, OTA HD is plenty good, just buy a...
I see what you mean..well..the right hip area then..lol
Erik, thank you for the graphics..Yes, what I precisely mean though. If you look at both those swings, the right hip is in line with the ball at impact.  I think, as far as feel goes, this is one of the most important aspects to maintain during a round.  For me, when I start having problems, my lower body is either trying to pull/rotate too fast.  When I make a conscious effort to make my right hip pass through at the same time (roughly) as I make impact, it seems to...
  hmm..best way for me to describe it would be that on the downswing, the right hip (righties) should meet the ball at the same time your hands do going through impact..best way for me to describe it. (assuming we're all on the same page with weight already forward and hands ahead of the clubhead) I've heard this is what is called as "firing through" with the hips. 
I've noticed, or believe, that when things go awry on the course with getting this and that in tune with the backswing and downswing..etc..for me..if all else fails, just make sure the contact with the ball is the same with the right hip going through..would you guys agee?
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