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The 10 finger grip changed my golf life. I never considered using it because I read and heard that it was for children, women or any body who lacks strength or has small hands. I'm a left-handed but swing from the right, 6' 200 lb former college football player with 10" hands. By using the other two conventional grips I was giving my dominant hand which happens to be my lead hand, even more dominance. So it makes perfect sense that I've always been told my back swing was...
I think that's why I following his teachings. He uses other ballistic movements like throwing a ball, skiing, swinging a sledge hammer. Really anything having to do with weightshift and momentum. I never noticed, but Rory, VJ, Els I even saw Noh this week using a little forward press to start the swing. About a year ago I almost gave up on him becuase of my inability to grasp it. A year later I'm glad I stuck with it.
Not sure if you're being sarcatic but I've learned everything from Shawn Clement and my swing doesn't look like his. Hunter Mahan's swing looks nothing like Tiger or Justin Rose and they share a coach.
Best: Rory. It's perfect. Tiger and I like Gary Woodland's as well.   Worst: Tommy Two gloves by far. Also for some reason I can't stand Matt Kuchar's swing.   I'm in the minority when it comes to Furyk. At first glance it might looks like he has a lot goin on, but if you watch it in slow-mo, I think its pretty cool lookin. Especially when he hits a cut shot. It has an olay, lasso look to it. 
It's not like Kenny's, his is pretty evident. I had my friend watch me closely because I didn't want it to be noticeable and he said he it looks like im making a regular hip turn. My levels from my head to my knees don't move up at all. It feels like a quick pump action that is synced with my turn. It's an interesting move that's gonna take some getting used to, but I think its' gonna work out.
Has anyone here ever heard of jumping (not literally jumping, but more like pushing off the ground) to kick start the backswing? I went to the range today and had the best session I've EVER had. By pushing off the ground through the arches of my feet while simultaneously turning my hips, it tosses the club back perfectly. I don't feel my arms at all, I just feel the weight of the club head gliding up, giving me that "weightless" feeling to the top of my backswing. I'm...
You know your addicted to golf when your stopped at a red light and you pick out a target like a light pole or a store sign and say to yourself "if i was on the course, I would go with my easy 6i." LMAO, I do it all the freaking time. 
Will do, Goin out this weekend.
In my backswing or my downswing? I feel like I rotate my hips fine on the downswing...
That probably explains why my left deltoid is kind of sore. It seems lilke when I try and use less arms in my backswing, my head gets pulled too far behind the ball. Ill try and work it out at the range today. Thanks.
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