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Is the adaptor on the Taylor Made SLDR hybrids made completely of metal or is it partially metal and partially plastic. I want to install better quality shafts. I want to know this before applying heat to the adaptor to prevent destroying it with a heat gun. Lew
Guys, thanks for your input. I will be buying a hybrid next month and leaning towards the Callaway X2 Hot for now.   Lew
I want to get #3 and #4 hybrid clubs. I have narrowed down my choices to the following: Callaway X2 Hot, Titleist 913H and Ping G25. I am a senior golfer, with a swing speed between 75- 80 mph with a slightly fast downswing. Looking for a forgiving hybrid that won't penalize you greatly on hits off center. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   Lew   
Guys, thanks very much for the input.   Lew
Thanks for the info guys.   Lew
I'm looking at buying a Cobra Amp Cell driver. My question is this: does anyone know if the Fujikura Fuel shaft in this driver is the same as the ones sold on ebay for over $200.00 or is it of lesser quality built to Cobra's specs? I know that the Fuel shaft sold alone is normally black with orange striping, while the Cobra shaft is mostly a white color with graphics. Lew
I was looking at another golf forum and saw that a driver head the SMT AF460c Driver will be offered soon. They only had one picture of it and was wondering if anyone has seen more pics of it from various angles?   Lew
Would appreciate any suggestions on removing the shaft from the Callaway X Hot driver.   Lew
I am going to reshaft my Callaway X Hot driver which has an adjustable hosel. Do I have to remove the screw and pull the shaft from the head first? If not, what is the correct way to remove the shaft without damaging the adapter? I will be using a hydraulic shaft puller to remove the shaft.   I have never had to reshaf an adjustable hosel driver. Appreciate any suggestions. Lew
I bought the Solus wedge since it was significantly cheaper and found out from another forum that the designer of the Solus wedge is the same guy who is selling the Renegar wedge.   Lew
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