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Currently playing a Ping karsten 1959 Anser 2 putter
FWIW I've had great luck with 3balls.com.  A buddy at work buys all his woods from http://www.callawaygolfpreowned.com/. 
Loved hearing the Standells out in Vancouver tonight.  Go B's!!!!!
yes.  yes, we do. 
I've started to regrip my set with the GP new decade half-cords.  I love the feel of them.
Up until this season I've had GolfPride Tour Velvet on all of my clubs.  I've replaced most of my clubs since late last season and now I've got assorted OEM grips on everything.  That's going to change soon, I'm just trying to figure out if I'm go back to the Tour Velvet or maybe switch to the new decade multi compound.  I might get a couple done with the multi compound and make a decision then.
Got a new pair of Footjoy Superlites
+1    Quote:
When you start looking at carts, find a bag that is similar to yours and put it on the cart in the store to see how it fits.  That'll give you the best idea of how everything will fit.   That being said, I have a Callaway Warbird X stand bag and a Sun Mountain Speed Cart and it works fine, the bag does sometimes rotate, but not so much that I feel the need to get a new bag for the cart.
I got an old Sun Mountain push cart this past season and I love it.  I carried my first year playing, and by the end of a round the LAST thing I would want to do is pick up my bag after hitting yet ANOTHER lousy shot. The push cart is definitely the way to go for me.
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