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Yeah, I'll try to hit some clubs before I decide. I've decided that I'm just going to spend as little as possible while still getting some clubs that I want.   Right now I'm thinking about getting:   Titleist 910 F-d 15* 3-Wood Titleist 910 H 19* Hybrid Mizuno MX-300 4-GW Irons Titleist Vokey 54* Titleist Vokey 58*   I'm probably going to get them all off of a big reputable eBay golf store, so it should come to around $1100.
I played for the first time since 2008 yesterday. I wasn't expecting to do very well after that long and with some crap clubs, but I did better then I expected. I only played 9 but I shot a 44. A couple pars, a double-bogey and the rest were bogeys. My best shot of the day almost led to a birdie, but the putt stopped an inch short. I think I could have done a few strokes better, but since I hadn't played in forever and was using strange clubs I didn't know my distances...
  Thanks Lanky, good tips there. I'll definitely be smart about it and follow everyone's tips.
Okay thanks, I'll do that. It's cool that they do that.   Ahh, I didn't think about this. Thanks.   And I'll use Paypal for sure.     Yeah, I see what you're saying. However, I've never been to have clubs tweaked or changed. I just play them as is. I'm using some $100 irons right now so I'm sure I won't have a problem with the Mizunos.      
What are your thoughts on buying clubs from eBay? The reason I ask is because I want to get a set of Mizuno MX-300 irons, but at big retailers they still seem to be about $600. I looked on eBay for some and there seem to be many sets in the ~$400 range. I keep hearing about counterfeit clubs, but I am wrong in thinking that a person with 99.9% positive feedback on 7,000 things should be pretty legitimate?
Until it's irretrievable or damaged to the point where it's affecting play.   I had a lucky ball that I used for numerous tournaments in highschool until it found it's way into a pond via a random rock.
  Well, I'd ASSUME they were doing it to just listen to music. I don't know what more of a reason there is. I'm not sure how music would help rhythm and it's not like headphones instantly make someone look cool.   During practice in high school, sometimes when my team was all on the range and there were no patrons, I would turn on some classical music on a small boombox.
After chipping with a SW with an Iomic grip a few days ago, I think I'm going to get some for my Mizuno irons and Titleist woods once I order them. And my friend jokingly said to get a different colored one for each club. And I thought that was lame until I thought about it. And now I might do it for shiggles.   They feels really nice. Not abrasive or hard to grip. Just a nice feeling grip that works well in my hands at least.
Chipping was, and hopefully still is the best part of my game. I first learned and got good with the Bump & Run and low chips. Then I started messing around with flop shots and SW shots and I got good with that too. A lot of the time I felt more comfortable with a chip than a long putt.   I seemed to have a knack for knowing how hit the ball when chipping. If I was on the fringe or 10' or so off the green, then I knew that I could get really close my chip. I think...
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