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Sorry, Summerhayes
Craig Stadler, F Couple, Phil, Arnie, and my wife's uncle Bruce Sumerhays
Start playing in AM Tours, then when you feel confident  and   play in competition then go for your dream, try out for the mini tours so you can get an idea what an pro tour feels like, then you'll see what it's like traveling (on the road) the money$ situation, motels, if this is your goal/dream in life, you well find way to make it happen, try what Jonathan said, it might work or not work for you. everybody has different incomes, life styles. I play on the National...
what do you think of the Pepsi Tour or the Golden State Tour, i'm thinking on playing these, i'm from Utah so i need a tour close by.
First thing, i didn't ask any body for what i shoot or $20.000, $100.000 (I make over that anyways) of my own money and winning club champs.and another thing don't bash down other peoples dreams! there is alway ways to get there like me drawing for disney, was not easy. I was wondering witch mini tour is good to start in??? I'm a part time golf teaching professional since 1999/Animator since 1989, my handicap was a 2 till i hurt my back now i'm up to 9 and should be...
Quality and Reliability Tech (R&D) at Del Sol and a Part Time Golf Teaching Professional since 1999
This what works for me (Work full time job and i teach golf part time at night 2 to 4 hrs every other night-12 to 14 hrs for work time some days or less and still have time with the kids, married, 3 kids), i go early in the morning and do 9 or 18 hole or on the range do it randomly before work, you don't want to have the same routine all the time every day but every day is diferent couse of the kids or something., lunch at work i spend 1/2 to 1 hrs on the range. The...
Witch Mini Tours are good to start out with to get a good idea of playing Pro Tours? Pepsi Tour, GSG Tours or?
what's a good mini pro tour to play in around the west coast area?
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