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Thanks for the link... Cool stuff..
Thanks for the suggestion..
which one to try- the normal head golf club or try the square headed club?
Please suggest me for an appropriate Golf Ball Shag. Thanks!
Basically, what are the areas to custom club fitting? I am only known to "Lie Angle" & "Grip Size". Any quotes?
I bought a nice set of Callaway irons, 3-SW, Callaway driver, Adams 4 wood and an Odyssey putter. Which single club would best round out my bag?
Thanks shades ...
Currently, I use the Adams Boxer 3 (20*), 4 (21*), and 5 (23*) hybrids. I was told that I also need to have a 3, 4, and 7 wood as well. Any suggestions?
Which one is beneficial and why? Please suggest.
really great stuff.. Awesome!
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