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Don't listen to the negativity...it's coming from a bunch of guys who never had a chance in the first place. They are just jealous of your early success. You got yourself to a 7.8 in just a few months. You can do it. I played college baseball and consider myself pretty athletic, but I've been playing and practicing regularly for about 9 months and my best score has been an 87. I'm impressed with what you have done in such little time. Look at Rickie Fowler...he didn't...
OK thanks guys.
I just saw a player mark his ball on the fairway...pick it up...and place it back on the fairway. It must be legal. I've never seen this before. I'm assuming you can only do this on the greens or fairways over there. I'm pretty sure it's not legal over here.
Yes, that's it, but you probably have to go into the store to get the $69 price. It may also be a regional sale.
I went to the PGA Tour Superstore today (6/21/2010) and they had the Sun Mountain Zero G stand bags on sale for under $70. As far as I know, this is normally a $180 bag. It might be a regional sale, but if they have them in your area it is worth checking it out.
Check your local golf store...they have things you can use in place of the rubber golf tees.
I "won" a free hybrid for hitting the green on a par 3 at a tournament...the shipping was $29.99 so I didn't get the club.
OK...thanks. I appreciate the info.
Not even the Bridgestone website says anything about the '+' series balls.
What is the difference? I tried searching and couldn't find an answer. Thanks for your help.
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