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  Working with the camera to get the backswing better and to work on the downswing with very very slow swings. Here is a two slow drills to A7, then a very slow full swing.    I think a good feeling is trying to recognize more flex in that left hip for longer to allow the rotation to happen more. Not really a squat feeling because I do get pressure on that left foot. Its really a subtle change in feeling. I think this might work better for me because it allows me to...
  A few minutes working on my backswing, then the downswing piece. Slow swings, left arm down the toe-line more. Left arm out towards the ball in the downswing. Open hips at impact. 
Played 9 holes tonight   Afterwards went to the range to work on my swing. 
Here is the swing I am playing with. This was video'd after the round today, not practicing, just wanted to get a fresh look.  Current Swing      That is a 6 iron, maybe standing to close to the ball? Also, I would grade the backswing as a B- Club is very steep in the downswing.  Losing spine angle title (standing up move)   I can see if my backswing was bad that this move would cause a vicious snap hook if I happen to miss the turn rates and have the face shut...
 Still looks to be too much in the palm of your left hand.
  Reminds me of this 
  That is because they are assuming you just drop one where you think your ball ended up instead of driving or walking back to the tee box to hit another one.  Basically the pace of play argument wins if you break the rules.   The odds of you playing a course with this level of rough is slim to none. I've played country clubs before and they don't have rough gets the ball lost. Now if you see your ball going to the heathery death, then yea you should hit a provisional. If...
 Because we are golfers damnit.  For me it was going from 3-4, 3 putts a round to maybe 1 every few rounds. Aimpoint Lesson + Custom Fit Putter + Putting Lesson all for saving 3 strokes a round. Yes Please! 
 Its Ok to try to find someone who has similar build were you can mimic them a bit. I wouldn't go copying someone like Bubba's swing.  He does a lot right, but he also has some quirks as well. He relies on a ton of natural hand eye coordination to direct the ball how he wants. His path and clubface manipulation is amazing.  I think it would be a bad thing to try to mimic his swing
   He did not say, "how do I really step on a 7 iron". He said, "How do I hit 170 yards with 7 iron" Big difference. I am not talking about taking someone who hits a 5 iron 170 and saying, take the 7 iron and swing very hard. When I read the OP's message I think, Ok what swing improvements can he do to improve his contact to maximize his distance. In the end some people can't hit a 7 iron 170.  In regard of not overswinging, being able to hit a 7 iron 170 is a huge...
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