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Well I was going to go practice my short game tonight, but my back decided to seize up on me while working out today. I was finishing my last few reps, which were some KB swings. As I was just walking away my back just kept getting tighter and tighter till I could only take small steps with out some moderate pain. Just strange, cause nothing felt like it popped or pulled when doing the work outs. Just got really really tight afterwards.     Hopefully some alternating...
 Not really. You must be speaking the "Queens" English. She needs to go back to grammar school.  
"That's Edward Mears, Michigan law student, wearing an Ohio State sweatshirt in protest; he told Jesse he wouldn't wear Wolverine gear again until Brandon was gone."   You know the current conditions at that school up north are bad when you get the students to wear Ohio State Merchandise!      
  Well apparently the Europeans seem to be more UP for the Ryder Cup than the Americans. So, something needs to change to get that fire going again.  Honestly, if Tom just said, "Oh I set up this date at Gleneagles between these two tournaments, you are invited to show up if you want". You know, maybe he could have actually talked to each player and see what works best majority of the team. Maybe get the input from some of the players of what they think might work. Then...
  Isn't it the captains job to get the players motivated and interested in adding extra to their already busy schedules.
 Great article on the dynamics of the European team. It almost seems like the exact opposite of what Tom did.  When it comes down to it, golf is much a game of personalities. It was really striking at how in depth the European captain went to making sure the pairings would maximize the two man team's potential. Going as far as getting to know each player months in advance so he can make the right pairings, not just in terms of golfing ability, but in terms of who meshed...
  I don't think so. In the end people would have still bashed Phil because he is speaking out against Tom Watson. People crave the conflict and would have made a big deal out of it anyways. I don't think waiting on it would have made it anymore or less what it was, Phil being honest with what he thinks went wrong. 
 Yet if you are able to gain yardage you will substantially drop your handicap because you are nearer to the hole. Don't discount distance, it is much more important than accuracy. Since it is extremely difficult to get that much control over the driver, 20 yards of distance equals 1 degree of accuracy. I would say it is very hard for a golfer to get 1 degree of error on their driver. So go with distance, BOOM IT!! 
Up to a 6.4 
  Former Ohio State Linebacker and now assistant strength and conditioning coach. 
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