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 This is what I was not trying to convey. Either way, I focus on my shots I just make it consistent from when I play non-competitive versus competitive. For me it is a mental thing over being more serious or focusing more. 
 Pretty much this. It is cliche, but it is taking it one shot at a time.  For me I try to make everything the same as my practice rounds. I will do the same routine before the round. I will just keep things relaxed. Basically I just keep competitive rounds as casual as possible. That isn't to say I am not serious. What I try to achieve is a state were I am just into my golf game and nothing else. I find that I can do that when I am relaxed and just playing golf.  Basically...
  Umm, I think Curt was 100% sure he was making a public statement about his daughter. I don't get why people assume he was considering this a private matter. Curt pitched for Boston, a HUGE baseball market. He knows about publicity and being in the public eye.  Again it isn't Curt's problem. It is these Idiots who think they can hid behind their computers with their hate and trash people. It is absurd. You have right to free speech, but there should be consequences to...
 I agree. That also causes a flat swing as well. If you keep your knee flexed then the hips can turn too shallow. If you let it loose flex then the right hip is allowed to rotate on a better angle and increase the turn.   ​ For the OP, as for shaft parallel at the top. I wouldn't worry about it. Just make the best turn you can, as long as you are not adding length by over swinging the arms then you are fine.  
I would say it would be a decent way to go if you had someone else playing golf with you. If I was by myself I would think a tripod or an attachment that can sit on the golf bag or cart would work better. 
  I think of it this way. You are basically a bogey golfer. Basically you are playing a scramble with yourself as the 2nd player.  So if you are a bogey golfer you are probably averaging 0.05 to 1.5% GIR. So even if you have two shots going into the green you still 98% chance of not hitting a GIR.  1% GIR = 99% no GIR. So, 99% * 99% is the odds of missing a green with two opportunities.  Basically you are gaining 1% in GIR. So I would say you would hit maybe 2-3 extra GIR...
 I should be fine. I pulled a support muscle in my lower back a few months ago. Just one of those annoying areas that can act up because it never really gets any true rest. There is no severe muscle pulled pain anymore. Just can get achy from bad posture. I am having days with little to no pain than before. So all signs are showing a better recovery. I just need to really beef up the support muscles and keep the hips stretched out. Having a desk job does not help with...
Elliptical for 20 minutes Ab, and hip workout   Still have some lingering issues with my hip. I am pretty sure it is the sciatica coupled with an overly tight Illiopsoas muscle. My poor posture at work probably doesn't help. Today was a very good day. Just trying to find the right set of exercises to help the muscles around that area and not get the muscle inflammed. 
 Key's 4 and 5 are a pain to master 
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