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Nope, not yet, but I will Ditto.
Like Rory on hole 10 at Augusta, way left
  Yep, probably sometime this weekend I will be heading out there. 
  Nope, because I have duffed chip shots before as well . Not on the greens I play on you can't. The margin for error is so tight. If you chip it too far you can run off the greens. Maybe in the spring when things are softer, but Community in the summer, nah, you need some height.  
Ball Striking was much better today. I took @iacas tip on aiming more right, and that helped a lot.    What killed me today was the short game. I am 1 under thru three. On hole four I am about 70 yards out and I chunk a 3/4 wedge shot. Just all arms, not body, no zip on the clubhead. The next hole I bogey because I clubbed up on a donwhill par 3 to make sure I get keep it over the pond, but I put it 5 yards over the green. Hit a pretty good flop shot, but carried it...
42 +7 Got off the tee good Irons were decent, 7 out of 9 nGIR Putting was decent, 16 putts Short game was horrible. Chunked a 70 yard 3/4 wedge shot. Thinned a 20 pitch into a hazard, took a 9 on a par 5. Had a 25 foot chip that i left 12 feet short. Just bad.
  I agree with that, they just don't look good to me. 
  Way to spin that one (sarcasm)
AWESOME!!! Looking forward to this! 
 Yes we do, it's called 70% to 30% in favor for Tiger. With over 2300 votes, which is a large sample size. 
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