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Spent some time this evening working on my backswing piece and the flattening of the club in transition. 
 I would guess this person is a high handicap player who found a groove, or good timing for a while then their poor swing finally showed itself. The thing about poor swings are they are very much timing based. The better the swing the less hand eye coordination and less timing is required to synch up clubface to an erratic swing path.  Basically the diagnosis is a bad golfer got lucky to get on a good stretch of golf, but they still have a consistently bad swing.  I would...
Took some swing video with out going through any practicing first. So I just warmed up the swing then took some video.     
Rory sure did look good today. If he hits his stride watch out. Furyk is playing well and that is his home course. It isn't an overly long course, but requires a lot of precision.    I hope Rory goes back to back, if not I'll be rooting for Furyk. I'd like to see him get on a roll again. Always fun to see the guy with the most unorthodox swing win.
Made some ceviche today with scallops. So good. 
 If I remember Rory dumped Wozniaki over the phone,   To me this sounds like a mutual separation and doesn't seem anything like the Rory and Wozniaki break.  I do agree it does seem a bit auspicious that Tiger wants to ramp up his summer schedule and he might think it best, or heck maybe it is Vonn who wanted more and Tiger would not bend his schedule to compromise.  Either way it might be a good sign for Tiger's golf game.
  I agree. If I just start out I would look for a set of used clubs. If you have a golfsmith near you then go there, they typically have 10-15 used sets. Most irons over the past 5-10 years have not have that much technology improvement like drivers. With drivers you got the low spinning aspect now. I think that brought in the importance of getting fitted.  A person can get a set of irons for $500-$800 dollars. Probably find a used driver for $150-$250 dollars and I would...
 Thing about putting is, I think most people play the same courses over and over again and they get to know the greens over a lot of trial and error. I think there are very few good green readers who can go from course to course and put the same.    Pretty much, except for maybe buying "Lowest Score Wins"     I would say if anything take the express class. Most people are going to be having 20FT+ putts rather than consistently having 5-15 footers. Improve lag putting and...
A little reflection on my previous round.   Driver +1: 3 0: 8 -1: 3   Holes I should not have taken driver out: 1   Long Game +1: 2 0: 13 -1: 6 (ouch)   Short Game +1: 1 0: 9 -1: 6   Taking out the water balls, and the OB, and the short game FUBAR, my potential score should have been around the low to mid 80's. Last year I was pretty good from 75-125 yards. 
 Already did that. 
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