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Go bluejackets!!!!
Because he was injured, and overall there are just more golfers who can get hot for one tournament and pull out the win. It's way tougher now to win tournaments than in jacks time. Tougher courses, and way more golfers who can get hot and win.
It better have "THE"putter just got shipped today, yay!!!!
 Yesterday was a bit better. Though I thought I was on the train for another +90 round when I went 46 on the front nine. Then I went 5 over on the back, with two birdies. Ended up 3 birdies on the round. Wedge and short game keeps kicking me in the ass. I was able to get up and down for birdie out of a bunker. Then get up and down for par another time. Then I take 3 shots in one bunker alone trying to get out, and it was an EASY lie. I mean, come on.  Yea, I will get a...
95 (+23).
Well I out did my self from yesterday, 95 (+23) Driver was ok, not outstanding. Irons were so so, contact is way better, just reliable yet. The misses now are draws or over draws, not both right and left from the last two days, so that is an improvement. I was working on the swing before the round. I had a feeling from yesterday that I was too army, and handish with the swing. So today I did more turn, less forcing the hands to do what I want, and the contact was much...
Played horrible today. 89 (+18) Couldn't get off the tee at all. My irons were so-so at times, and just terrible at others. I was hitting big pushes and push cuts, or big hooks with the driver. Did not have the backswing piece going at all today. My timing is horrible. Some shots just feel smooth, others feel so fast and terrible. My wedge blame is still terrible.
Little better today, still few too many blow up, mostly all short game. Having partial swings and thin and chunked pitches. As for the long swing, Simplifying my thoughts helped a ton. Feeling more shoulder turn versus hand movement works well with shortening the swing. It also helps get the same feel with we're my right arm is away more from my body more. Still got to make sure I turn and not do all hands or the big push slice happens. I think I thought I was doing the...
Mine was being hand stamped today.
84 (+13) Driver still solid, irons slightly better. Wedge game was horrible, took a 7 on a par 3 chunking the first 4 shots before I putted the ball onto the green from 30 yards out.
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