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Here is an interesting scenario.    Since the NFL can take away a win. The NEP can theoretically win the Super Bowl and not have won the Conference Championship Game leading into hit. The primary reason being that negating a win does not mean Indy won. I think a lot of people get that mixed up. Really the negating of wins is just to claim the win does not count towards the record books due to the nature of the cheating. The other option for the NFL would be to reverse...
Note this statement is about ball strikes on the sweetspot of the clubface. There is barely any difference in ball speed between clubs. USGA has limited the COR to be 0.830. Beauty of COR is it is the contact interaction with the ball and the face. Now can you find a golf ball that is a bit hotter than the ones used by the USGA to test, yes. Can you find a driver that is slightly above tolerance, yes. On average the clubs are all the same in terms of ball speed when struck...
  Create a My Swing thread here, http://thesandtrap.com/f/4180/member-swingsHere are some guidelines on video taping your swing, http://thesandtrap.com/t/38240/my-swing-video-threads-rules-please-read No way to really say what is wrong with out seeing your swing. 
 Would the clubhead size and topline be comparable to AP2?
  Makes me want to go buy an NFL regulation football and do some testing  
 Really, why does every answer have to be complicated?    Sure you can. Again what if they used two different pressure gauges? What if one ref used a gauge that was over-reading pressures by 1 PSI? What if Indy had theirs initially set up at 13.5 PSI not 12.5 PSI.  You can easily make up 2-4 PSI difference with temperature and instrument variance. I am not even saying the instruments used were faulty. I am just saying they usually have at best +/- 0.5 PSI. If one ref hat...
Still no one is really looking at the fact that pressure gauges can be inaccurate as well. What if they didn't measure the NEP footballs with the same gauge as they did in the pregame? If the pressure gauges were near the outer edges of the average error then you can have a 1 psi difference between two pressure gauges.    It is very probable that this could be a whole lot of nothing going on. 
 Tires are a bit different then footballs. Also a car has about 4000-5000 lbs on its tires. So there is constant pressure on the tire.  For simplicity lets say that the amount of air in the ball stays constant.  Pressure 2 = Pressure 1 * (Volume 1 / Temp 1) * (Temp 2 / Volume 2) Lets assume the volume doesn't change. A ball can deform and still have the same volume. The math to find the volume just becomes more complex.  If that is true, then the Pressure 2 = Pressure 1 *...
  Yet clubs are more forgiving and higher launching. It doesn't matter. In the end it benefits the player because it actually allows them to hit long irons correct distances. In the end you still end up with 7 or 8 irons that range from PW or Gap Wedge to 3 or 4 iron. Each clubs has about a 10-12 yards of gap.  I don't see why big uproar about it. 
  He does pick them out. He sits down and actually goes through and chooses the 24 balls that go to the refs. Then the refs choose 12 of them that are with in regulation. I never said he doesn't have influence on which balls get picked. I am sure that the process to get the ball just the way Brady likes it is a routine the equipment guys know by heart. 
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