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http://www.gamegolf.com/player/saevel25/round/104833   +4 40   Driving: Mix bag. Had maybe 3 good drivers out of 5 attempts.  Irons: same thing, just a mix result. Trying to work on that backswing piece. I am trying to not let my head fall back in the downswing. Some shots, I was too concerned with the head movement and I forgot to set my axis tilt for my upper body. Then I would swing and just pull draw the ball left. Not a snap hook though.    Putting was bad. Just...
  The problem is the population shift out of the midwest to the south. Majority of people like to stay near home. Most people don't uplift away from relatives and families to move across the country. It is pretty much built in to stay near family. So I think that has a lot to do with it, asking players to move hundreds of miles away. 
  What shafts do you have currently in your irons? It could be more just the clubhead than the shaft. 
http://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2014/09/40471/film-study-how-6-yards-of-shovel-passes-set-up-devin-smiths-50-yard-touchdown   Great blog for Ohio State. I really like when they break down plays, and how they set up for taking chances down field.    In the OSU v Kent State game, Urban dialed up the Shovel Pass. Basically its a run play in a different form. Urban called it twice in the same drive and then motioned the same guy again on a pass play....
 I am a Big Ten fan, but I am not blinded by it. I know people say it is cyclical, but I am seeing it more as a trend. The Big Ten schools just have to start recruiting nationally more, and also get better assistants.  There are some really great schools in the Big Ten. The Big Ten ranks pretty high nationally in academics compared to the other power 5 conferences. They seriously have to promote themselves more. What I don't get is how Michigan can't recruit well as Ohio...
That might be the worst segue I have ever seen. 
After the round @CarlSpackler pulled out the video camera. So here are some swings from today.   Tried to upload the DTL view, but youtube is having audio/video sync issues. The video will just pause and then end abruptly.    So here is the face on view. head still falls back in the downswing, and hips need to be more open. Same old.      Here is me at home working on the backswing, working on not letting the club get too shallow.   
Ok, so played 18 up at Cassel hills with Shane and Jeremie.    Driver: 7 of them were straight or push slices, 2 of them were straight draws, 2 of them were push fades 3 hybrid: Probably my best club off the tee. 2 out of 2 times were stripped with a push draw. Hybrid please teach the driver how to hit the ball.  Irons: Hit 11/18 greens. Hit 3 out of 5 par 3's. So iron play was pretty good. Contact felt pretty solid. Had one shot that was a bit chunky on a par 3. I had...
  Yep, drained from downtown, thank you aimpoint  I still can't believe that eagle didn't drop on the high side. I mean, it actually straightened out at the top of the cup, then it started breaking again once it got past the hole. Just weird how that ball rolled. 
     Great day to play golf, to bad that the golf game didn't match. 
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