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Do you keep track of stats? It is hard to say what is wrong with out knowing how to assess your own golf game. Sometimes it might be something simple to fix. It might be something else, like a swing fault that might cause you to miss a few more greens in regulation per round.     I would buy a copy of this book, http://lowestscorewins.com/   Besides having a lot of advice and drills for different aspects of your game. As well as how to manage your golf game on the...
Welcome to The Sand Trap!   For future reference on how to video tape your swing, please read this thread    http://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing   Scroll down about 1/3 the page and look at the sections "Face On" and "Down the Line". This will allow for consistent analysis of your golf swing. From the current video it is hard to make out anything with regards to your overall swing motion.    It is hard to tell from the camera angle, but you do...
 Get Gamegolf and then you wont have to type anything out 
I like this one  
Watched "The Family" over the weekend. I give it a tap in par. Pretty typical action comedy that doesn't take it self to seriously. Just something to fun to watch, it was very enjoyable.
Glad to see JT Barrett look good in his first game as a starter for Ohio State. Hard to judge the defense when you face Navy's wishbone triple option.
The accuracy isn't probably as big as you think. Your are taking half an inch to 3/4 inch length and 2-3 degrees of loft. You might see 5-10 yards less left or right. Though I've missed my 3 wood just as far as my driver before. The issue is the 4 wood has less MOi as a 3 wood because of the smaller head size.
 I think that is pretty much because golfers with slower swing speeds NEED more loft to get good gaps in the longer clubs. A lot of golfers would hit a 5 iron and then they would have minimal gap to their 4 iron. Then the introduction of hybrids allowed golfers to get more air time and get a proper gap.  For you, you will probably see a difference in distance between the two. The 4 wood is probably more accurate, but they should not be similar in distance (more loft and...
It would be nice if somehow they could share adapters with the cell phone. I really like the idea. I think the best thing would be to have it be integrated into the car so it runs off the car battery all the time. 
Shot a +7 42 tonight FIR: 1/7 (4 bad shots, 2 average, 1 good) GIR: 1/9 nGIR: 7/9 (6 bad shots, 3 average shots) Scrambling 2/8 (1 bad shot, 5 average, 1 good) Approach Proximity: 60 feet 1-20 yard proximity: 11 feet (getting better) Putts: 16 Swing feels bad. Driver was decent till I developed big blocky right. Irons were still flippy and just clanky feeling. The best shot was when i clubbed up and swung easy on a par 3. Though I PUSHED it about 10 yards right of the...
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