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The only way I could see it doing shot zones would be if you just tee off on every hole with the same iron, aiming down the center of the fairway. That way you can just use that as the target line on the software. 
Yep golf is cool!  
DAH, it would have been totally Phil to stick that to about 3 feet!!    Oh well, wasted moment. 
  They are kinda the same thing. I wear golf polos and reagular polos to work, to go out to dinner, to a bar, and to play golf. They are interchangeable.   After the golf polo thing you lost me, now you went to DnD, then fantasy sports. Your all over the place man. I think you are loosing your self here. 
  I at least cringed when he took a divot!    Also the grounds crew got out the fancy equipment and mini green roller to help fix that.  
Of course this question is being asked on a Golf Forum 
I think Tiger took it out of the "Country Club" feel and brought it down into the sports realm. In the USA sports are generalized as cool. Heck when you get Nike on board, you got something. 
I would say from 50 to 120 yards, I love having three wedges. For me, I have my wedges labeled with 4 different backswing position yardages. This way I have a wide range of yardages and trajectories. If I need to hit one a bit higher or take a bit off I can always modify the set up a bit.    For me, I don't like to really modify my set up too much. So it is nice to have a 52 degree I can hit lower with out that much forward shaft lean or putting it way back in the...
 Umm... For them to tell you their opinion, they have to comment on it. Just saying  
 So when you adjust the pins on the website after the round. I think it assumes the pin is in the center of the green when you play. It then just consolidates all the shots around one pin in the image above? 
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