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http://www.pga.com/news/golf-buzz/brian-harman-aces-two-holes-during-final-round-2015-barclays?cid=pgacomsocial_fb_sf12624013   This guy better be buying lots of beer ;)
 That's a bit strange. I might go see a doctor for that?  If you want a non-visual solution to reading greens. Go take an Aimpoint class. You'll never need to read greens with your eyes again ;)
 Why are you hitting at a tree? Sorry, but hitting at a tree is bringing in the chance of hitting it. It's not unlucky that you hit the tree. 
Played 18 holes with Erik and George today. An up and down round. Some holes I played very solid. Some holes I played crappy. Some I mixed in good shots with bad.    For my swing, so keys from today. Just some easy fixes.   1) Mindful of the set up. Get that spine tilt nailed. 2) shorten the swing so the wrists don't break down at the top. Half swing feels for a while.    On Pitching   1) More upright backswing 2) Make the backswing longer and slower. Very...
Inconsistent from the tee
 I'm going with fake. It actually looks like part of the the lightning is in front of the bush right near the guy. Just doesn't look right. I got a picture of a lightning bolt once, I had to use my slow motion video setting and then went frame by frame to get something like that ;) 
That's pretty much what I do. Though I find trying to visualize how the shot actually looks helps out as well. If i can get a good visual of the ball near it's apex then I get a good feel for where I want to aim. 
I would work on your posture a bit. You stand really close to the ball. Try to get a hands width between the butt end of the club and your belt buckle.     ​    I would work on a centered pivot. You just raise your arms up and get no hip turn at all.     ​    I would work on just being more dynamic in using your hips properly. 
Ok I got admit, I liked that promo. It was simple, and got the message across. 
 I'd almost say it should be illegal to have a certain amount of debt. If you get a credit card, the credit limit is the max total that is allowable on all the cards you have together. Meaning, you can only carry over, lets say 5% your monthly income in debt that is not student loans, car loans, business loans, or home loans.
New Posts  All Forums: