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  A good example would be with driving distance Tiger's ranking,Year 2000: 2nd at 298 yards, 26 yards above averageYear 2006: 6th at 306 yards, 16 yards above average Tiger only gained 8 yards of distance, but he lost 10 yards of advantage on the field. 
  Today's clubs are all sorts of crazy with effective lofts produced by CG location, and shaft combinations. I bet that 5 wood probably launches the ball near or lower than a 3-wood. 
  What's the difference between holding a golf outing versus holding a tournament? Some golf outings can take up to 5 hours to finish a round.  I think it's more that you have more golf outings than you do tournaments.   We do, it's called "The Rules of Golf"     Exactly this. If your ball is heading towards the OB then hit a provisional. It is very rare you end up with a ball just lost when it shouldn't be. I'd say if your ball is looking to end up flying with in 20 yards...
That's strange. I never heard of issues with blisters like that from an interlocking grip. 
 Exactly. There should be an asterisk next to the 2015 winner stating that Tiger would have dominated if was in the field 
 Looks like he's not playing this week. His next schedule even is the PGA Championship. 
Then take par+handicap ;)Practical option is to hold up the course and go back to the tee box   To me it depends on the situation. I've had few of my golf balls stolen by a group on another hole before. Just no other explanation when the course has very low rough, sparse trees, no cart path to take a weird hop, no holes or borrows, the nearest OB is 80-100 yards away from your landing spot, the ground isn't overly soft to get the ball embedded. If I am playing a casual...
Tiger Woods for the win this week ;)   The guy loves this course. It's a perfect place for him to finally notch the win. 
 Hoping for a speedy recovery!
 Maybe you should consider getting a driver with a longer shaft?  I am 6' 1/2" inch tall and I use a 45" driver.  I would be really concerned with the lie angle of that driver.  If you are slicing its usually 99% the swing not the equipment. 
New Posts  All Forums: