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  Lewis Black on I-phone, Apps and Droid!
  Shorten the swing mostly, but you can also slow down swing speed as well to help out. 
  You always have to smoke the fatty 
All I know is, Ole Miss needs to be up big in the 4th quarter because Les Miles is part voodoo witch or sold his soul to the devil for the number of 4th quarter comebacks his teams make.
 It isn't Brady who has the winning percentage it is the team who does. Brady is just lucky enough to be part of that team. If you put any of the leagues best QB's on those teams, they would win nearly as many or more than Brady in the post season. Brady isn't the one that made those teams, though he was an important part.  Again it was pointed out that Brady had more complete teams over the years. The defenses were better, and Brady had the best head coach in the game...
  Optimally is having more lean muscle mass important, yep. I do not think that adding fat to the arms slows them down because of the extra weight. 
  No, because your body is made to support itself. The heavier you are, the more muscle you will have to support it. Your body is accustomed to your own body weight.  Also fat is not distributed evenly over the body, so it is probably much less than that. The body is designed to oppose hunger and hypothermia. Fat is an Insulator. The most vital parts of the body are the internal organs. That is why fat starts building around the organs and in the stomach region first. Then...
  Well played sir, well played 
 Yea, I think that is true. Though I am not sure if they changed the rules on if a player gives himself up on the play, if that is a different scenario. Kinda like a fair catch signal. 
 If I had to give a tip to anyone. Play a round were you club up 2 clubs on every approach shot and then hit the shot with 70% effort. I bet a lot of golfers would hit more greens, and keep extreme misses to a minimum. 
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