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  Number of putts don't matter.  Player A: 33% GIR, 100% Scrambling, 24 putts he shoots even parPlayer B: 66% GIR, 100% Scrambling, 24 putts he shoots 6 under par Who had a better day on the course, they both had the same number of putts? Also I would say Player B is the better putter because he probably made more putts at a longer distance since he wasn't relying on his short game nearly as much (6 scrambling attempts versus 12). 
 It is, in the fact that it is good to get fitted so you are not adapting your swing to something you don't want to happen. Like when I played those SLDR, my swing probably adjusted more and more to try to keep them from going higher than I wanted. Yet if I play my normal irons, I don't have to worry about that.  In the end you can play golf with a wide range of irons. I am sure some people have flight tendencies they like. 
  Unless it is a zone blitz that sits a player in the are of the hot read, then you are SCREWED! 
   Game Improvement irons are built on strong lofts, but low CG and lower spin. Really, you don't need extra distance on irons because you are just going to have to add more wedges on the bottom side.  So lets say their current clubs end with a 48 degree pitching wedge, and that goes 135 yards. Lets say the games are 10 yards, and that means his longest iron would go 215 yards.  Now lets say that they switch to some GI clubs. The issue happens when you get a pitching wedge...
Looks like an easy homemade donut recipe,  
  I would say go find a launch monitor, or a course were you can hit 10 good shots with each of those clubs and see what your yardage gaps are.  Really your 4 wood is at 16.5 degrees, it is basically half a club stronger than a normal 4 wood. So you probably wouldn't see much distance improvement going to a 3 wood. Yet, if you are hitting your hybrid very close to your 4 wood, I would say with in 10 yards, then you might consider a 3 wood just to get a better gap spacing. 
  Just ordered two new pairs of shoes 
  When you are on number 16, and view 17 from the side it looks intimidating. When you are on the tee and you have a short iron in your hand, the green is tiered, it really just looks inviting. Though I hit a horrible shot and bounced it off the side of the bunker into the water. I never really felt worried about the shot. 
 8, he should have won 8 majors because he did. Tournaments are not stolen from anyone, you either win or you don't. To think that he should have won is BS really. If he should have won than he would have won, but he didn't.  In the end it was his inability to close the deal in those tournaments that cost him. In terms of winning majors, he's an 8 time major winner and that is it. 
I play some easy courses regularly, so I don't have a hole that really scares me.    The two scariest holes I ever played were TPC Sawgrass #18, and Firestone North #17     TPC #18, long sweeping to the left par 4. Just a scary tee shot. With how the hole bends around the lake, you really can't help but aim more right than you need to. My tee shot ended up in those trees through the fairway . Then you have the 2nd shot, which isn't no joke either.    If you want...
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