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Played 27 yesterday only to find out that fading the ball is the easiest way to hit fairways. I hit every fairway except 3 on the first 9 holes. I used to be the type of guy that would rather hook three balls out than slice one but after yesterday i will gladly play the cutter. Knowing it was going to come back everytime i was able to swing more aggressive and get more yardage instead of trying to guide it into the fairway. I always try to fix the cut but i feel this...
Heard the saying no glove no love???? It appears to be the opposite for me... went outta town last weekend and lost golf glove......shot 70 without it. was hitting nice draws and pure irons......any thoughts??????
ive found that pure shots dont go as far as slightly missed shots. solid means more spin, more spin means less distance
started golf my freshman year, varsity my soph, #1 junior and senior year........I was notorious for starting off bad, finally one round made a 10 on the first hole (senior yr) on a short par 5. Followed it up with 4 birdies and a eagle on the last hole (short par 4 downhill hit a three wood to about a foot).........shot 1 under 35 with a 10
ooooooooo the life of a failing teacher......
i think pros favor the fade because they can hit it much higher and land softer
Hit full shots all the way around the course.........short par 4 like 360......hit a iron that you will hit twice.....keep it in play....no three putts........fairways no matter how far back u are............i shot 78 with a seven iron off the tee one day.......the goal was to hit every fairway, missed the last hole by a yard but still made par..........7 iron was in my mind the straightest stick in bag so i hit it off the tee box all day 13 of 14 fairways and a hit green...
I will tell guys who dont know my home course to not hit driver off certain holes because of water hazards........is that ok to do?
i got mp 57s right now and im thinking about going the other way to more forgiving......when i was playing alot i grooved a good swing and i could hit these muscle backs, but with the better technology to hit it higher and farther why do u wanna go lower and harder to hit?
also i hit alot of range balls when i had em (1000+ balls a week)and had to bend them after 1st year.......of course wasnt married that time of my life haahahaha. pay someone to check the lie and loft of all the clubs you might be surprised
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