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Last trip to the store I got some Srixon Zstar tour yellows. I have bought a couple of clubs via the internet though...
I believe it's a made for. I hit an Amp Cell set at 8.5 with the stock Fuel in X and still had too much spin and too high of a launch angle.
See post # 56.
It's an obviously exaggerated arbitrary example of sexual preference. Don't read too deep.
Pretty much.
    Why do I have to be "wrong"? Is there not a such thing as being able to speak your peace here? The thread title doesn't say "NFL faced with decisions to make on gay athelete's", it says "..... Michael Sam announces he's gay." How you interpret what I say doesn't change what I said, it just means you're hearing what you want to hear. Terms like, "can mean,....but it can also mean" and "that sounds like" in reference to something i've said, followed by the insinuation...
Ok, let me get this right... Not celebrating someone's sexuality = homophobic. Got it. What i'm getting out of this is that the same people who can't wait for the day when its not newsworthy because it'll be commonplace are the ones sparking conversations about it and making it news. And then throw out judgments on anyone who speaks to the issue. Like, not caring is a cover up for being homophobic..... Ok.I know its hard to take things at face value, but maybe...just maybe...
Does everyone have to know about or care who he screws? Being as the only domain in which I would ever know him is football the only thing I need to know about him would be football related. I'm sure there's a football player out there who let's his dog lick his balls... Why would anyone want/need to know/care?
Sooo, what does his sexuality have to do with football again? Why do I need to know if he's gay or not?
I'm so far away from playing a golf course around here it's pitiful. Sooo, I just go to the golf dome and heated range to try to maintain some kind of groove in my swing. I chip and putt a lot in my house too. Doing my annual bag overhaul helps a little too. Next fix, Greater Milwaukee Golf Show...
New Posts  All Forums: