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I've been hitting balls at the golf dome, heated range, golf stores, and chipping/putting in my house. This, along with ho'ing clubs and golf anything on the puter and tv is getting me through. We've had a couple of warmer days now in SE WI with a bunch of rain today and it's making a little dent...
Cleveland 588 RTX cb wedge. 54/14 satin.
Lol. The irony is killing me.
This is a good thread. Like a lot of people I let myself forget this golden rule and try to be better than I am. I think I'm going to make this one of my 2014 golf goals.
Hey, its cool. I'm over it. Evidently i'm not very good at conveying what I'm trying to say. Oh well. Moving on...
What they have in common is that they are both sexual preferences of some kind or another. I could've said bisexual or something. And that's the context in which I was using it. That single detail is actually of no importance in the point I was making.  You don't see that? The relevance is that whether an athelete is doing one or the other is none of my business.
I agree. I had a Cleveland DST Tour driver once with a made for Whiteboard and it was one of if not the best shaft i've had, and i've had a couple of both (made for and aftermarket). It probably doesn't spec THAT far off, I probably wouldn't fit into a Fuel at all though. Especially with that head.
Last trip to the store I got some Srixon Zstar tour yellows. I have bought a couple of clubs via the internet though...
I believe it's a made for. I hit an Amp Cell set at 8.5 with the stock Fuel in X and still had too much spin and too high of a launch angle.
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