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Anyone who says Tiger hasn't helped golf is an idiot. Tiger, Jack, Arnie, Ben, Bobby - they're all the reasons why anyone in America still plays. Tiger has totally helped the game. Imagine what the top of the money list would be like if Tiger didn't come around!! I read Payne Stewart's bio and back in the '80's it was like $800,000 or something. Now they win that in a single tourney! My buddy on the Tour says he loves Tiger, because even he (my buddy) gets unreal...
Yeah I followed him too. He has the most amazing swing. So fast, so accurate. Unbelievable. I hope Chuckie Three Sticks can pull it off, he's the man!!
Ha ha! Sounds like my first golf teacher. I can't understand hardly anything this guy is saying. http://www.nothingtoxic.com/media/11...en_to_this_Guy This guy would be a rotten teacher. (If it doesn't work on the page, hit the "download" button below it, and open it in WMV. It's pretty funny.)
Not sure what I think about 'em. They seem harmless enough, but look kind of silly. I'm a traditionalist, so I prefer the old non-belly putters. By the way, does anyone know the ruling on if a belly putter counts as a "club in the bag" when dropping "one club length" away? I always wondered about that.
Ok, did anyone else forget the tourney started Wednesday last week? I for one did. I'm surprised I'm still at #7. Miracle if you ask me - considering I had 3 of my 5 "locked" players not even in the tourney. I'm going to get my stuff done Monday from now on!! My goal is just to beat Eric, so he can curse me publicly on the Podcast! Ha! Good luck everyone in the next round. (And watch Tiger's White Cousin - he's going up!)
Right on, man! It's time Peyton won something. I was happy for him, even though I like the Pats. The Bears D is pretty tough, though. Think Indy can overcome??
Ha ha. I know everyone says she's the all-American girl, but I don't know if I buy that... I mean, if she called, and I wasn't doing something that night, and she offered to pay, I'd go out with her. Maybe she's nice. Anyone know?
Dude, Channel 146 is the best! I'm a heavy commuter, including a lot of middle-of-the-days. It's great to have something to follow the Tour with. They do great. Even the leaderboard scrolls through your radio dial as you're listening! For someone like me who spends time in the car, the XM has saved my bacon by keeping me up on the latest of whatever tourney is on. I also like the interviews and their stories are somewhat relelvant. They teach you a lot about the...
I like short game over Course Mgmt. If you can stick it close anytime, you're likely to recover form any lack of course mgmt you have. Also, I don't think course mgmt is possible on new courses or courses you've never played with blind shots. But, a good short game will get you home...
Yeah he's the total man! I agree with Cmark and JrBech, the announcers say the stupidest crap to fill space. It's the same in the NFL. No one cares what so-and-so's favorite color is (which I heard during the Masters)! Just give up some love for Tadd, and wreck-a-nize he's a great upcoming talent.
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