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I guess that soon you be will asking your self why you didn't went with all MB's.   There is not a lot of difference in demand between a 8i and a 7i and also a 6i ........   I know you are using some hybrids, but as soon as you get better ...... add at least the 5i.   Getting your index below 10 (I am sure your new gear will force you to become a better ballstriker) you need to improve dispersion, You will notice there is less dispersion in the MB's, so...
Lately I have been working on S&T a lot again, reading the book in bed, wife thinking she has become a golf widdow .   I used to have a ball position that was just inside the left ankle on all irons (I just learned that my self) ...... maybe that is where the fades (and slices) come from (according to the book on this).   Now I force myself to have the ball about two balls width from the left ankle, ballflight has changed to a push draw or push nothing at the...
All I was thinking, the rules make the game more difficult, just play the ball as it lies and yes of course I know the waterhazard, or chipping from the roof of a Ferrari isn't the best idea ...... but playing the ball as it lies in general is a good thought !
Quote: There is about no difference in demand between the 710 MB and 710 CB, and the FG Tours are maybe only a tad easier, but they fit about in between MB/CB....... and offer the control of a MB.   Looks you still have a bit of work to do, before qualifying for this thread   
What is the purpose of the straight right leg in the backswing at S&T ?
Yepp about the same, still few people don't pass, but it happens.....   Can't tell of Germany, but in the Netherlands average would be about 50-60 euro's, some are cheaper and some charge as much as 100-120 euro's  
  I used to play the MP-57 (PX 5.5) and still have them, they are more like a players CB, but the demand is higher than in a normal players CB.   Now that I am gaming the MP-67 (PX 6.0) I really like the pure contact (and yes the buttery feel is different than the buttery feel in the MP-57, for what the B%&#it talk about butter is worth....), but the 4i and 3i are not always online ..... no maybe MB 5i - LW for me and 3i/4i in MP-57, although I am not sure if playing...
As I recently started a social group blade lovers, and most of our local low cappers are playing blades or Muscle Backs like Mizuno MP's, Titleist CB/MB, Wilson Staff FG Tour and a few lesser known brands, I wonder what are the preferences among single digit golfers at TST.   Besides this poll I would like anyone playing (or having interest in these) Blades/MB's/Combo sets to join our Group. 
Maybe you find the inspiration here to at least start blades from 7, but at hc 1.5 who cares ...... Welcome !   
When I use my 3W or Hybrid from the tee, I tee it up so low as if it was lying at a very good spot at the fairway, so I just put a wooden tee sofar in that only the straight edges are above the ground (believe my that is 300 percent better that without a tee). Don't swing it different from the tee than from the deck, you will be thinking "why didn't I figured that ou myself"   Cheers, Gerald. 
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