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I'm glad I joined this forum. I didn't know it was illegal to ask what club someone used. Until recently I asked regularly(I usually only golf with friends for fun, just starting to get serious), whether they are better than me or worse. I just know if I am a club or two shorter or longer than them in general and go from there. Lately I have really started going on my own gut instinct rather than asking though.
I was told the same thing about my irons at Golf Galaxy and also would like to know if it's true.
I like the monkey idea...I think it has real merit...........and would be extremely funny to watch, someone beating the crap out of a stuffed monkey in the middle of the fairway...I actually laughed out loud when I read that.
Agreed! I love my Slingshots, very forgiving. Today my worst shot was literally on the edge of the toe. It turned the club in my hand it was so bad. 175 yd jpar 3. Ball ended up just left of the green about 10 yards short, not bad for such crappy contact. I also find it easier to fade it than draw it.
A used Adams A4 Boxer 19* Hybrid(my first hybrid). Loved the way it hit...On the launch monitor I was carrying 200 everytime. Also hit two used Ping G15 hybrids a 2 and 3. Couldn't hit them beyond 180. Can't wait to get the Adams on the course
I would like to just be more consistent, eliminate the big numbers and play bogey golf
I'm another lefty, maybe we can bump that percentage up to 7.27 now...I might be a little better off...the Golf Galaxy near me has a lefty manager and a lefty employee, so I get a little love there
I am a new member trying to get my required posts out of the way. I am a Police Officer Here in AZ. But really I work so I can Golf and watch/coach my kids play sports.
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