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Can't post on the marketplace yet which is annoying but whatever lol, im trying to find a scotty cameron button back that is less than 400 lol. idc if its used or not or it doesnt have the headcover or whatever, but i tried it out today and it is amazing!!!! so cool lol. alot of the ones ive found are custom and cost like 1500 or something jeez! lol if you guys find a deal like that lemme know thanks
I use a Siberian Tiger, cuz im the white tiger baby ooya!
Boooooooo lol
haha thats exactly what i was thinking thanks :) Im good at toning down my wedges for the comments regarding yardage gaps in wedges. I can take a PW and tone down if i really need to and i know how to hit certain yardages, so 3 wedges would be pretty good for me, and with the hybrid i can be better off hitting longer par 3s, i want to keep the 3 iron because i can hit it solid and straight, just not push it an extra 10 yards. Im pretty sure im gonna get the 909h 3 hybrid...
Yankees vs. Cardinals in WS and Yanks pull it out again
If im practicing i will tee it up as far back as possible on every hole, so when i am playing with someone else in a tournament or for fun i let them pick the tees, and no matter what its easier for me because ive already played the holes as hard as they can be
I've only been playing for 2 years but if i obsess enough this summer i can definitely do it. 1. Get to scratch 2. Win a golf tournament 3. Shoot under par for an 18-hole round 4. Make eagle (should be soon ) 5. Hole-in-one (This one should be the hardest lol)
Tigers gonna shoot 66 today, and phil is gonna crack, i hope he doesnt but i feel like he will and lee westwood will be battling behind tiger the whole time, but will crack, tiger takes it
If you check my signature you'll notice i have four wedges, 3-9 iron 3 wood and driver. I have trouble hitting longer par 3s i can push out a 3 iron but sometimes screw up, slow down with the 3 wood but it throws off my tempo a little bit. I want a way to fit a hybrid in there but i need to know what to get rid of to put it in there. I was thinking replacing my 52 56 and 60 with a 54 and 58 wedge and get a 3 iron hybrid? but idk thanks in advance guys
haha im ocd about my score but i just dont ask people on some golf forum on how to get better, i actually go out and get better lol this is where i ask for equipment help buddy ive been playing for 2 years and im at a 5
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